Helzberg Diamondsengagement ring and two bands

M Nov 17, 2017

I have been waiting for my wedding and engagement ring for five weeks now. I sent it in to be soldered and cleaned and they handed it back after two weeks with two diamonds missing. The response to that was oh yeah that happens!!! Now its been three weeks and they are saying its because their jeweler had a heart attack... What jewelry store does not have a back up to their jeweler!!! Gene the manager just laughed like a complete [censor] when I told him how completely inexcusable this service has been. He told me that my rings are with another helzberg jeweler and unfortunately there is no priority. But I was now getting superior quality service! This company is a complete disaster and a joke. Several diamonds have fallen from my ring. Their service is slow and now they just sit back with your belongings and act like its funny. Dont shop here save yourself the trouble.

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