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When a person calls to order a product from this company your Manipulated, and badgered into purchasing more than you called for, other companies will respect you if you say your not interested in extras, however this company FORCES consumers into trying to purchase products they don't want to order.

When I contacted them to complain about their so-called marketing practice's the Customer service is Equally as POOR. The response is; Consumers WANT THIS, and expect it..??? (They do???) They not once offered to cancel my order, they NEVER gave a Name of a person to contact about my complaint.

This is totally and truly SHAMEFULL of an American company, fortune 500 or otherwise, this is the type of service you would expect from Cuban Company, at the Least.

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  • De
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    Hearthware Home Products - False promises
    Hearthware Home Products
    United States

    First off, they make you enter your billing information first. Then, they ask you if you want this or that and without you further reviewing what you have added to your cart, then at the end, your order went from $100 to $200 paid already. However, before they let you review the total price, they ask that you if you want to speed up the processing of the order so you don't cancel. On top of that, they promised free upgrade to Next Day Air. When I say they promised, they PROMISED by giving you a whole page that clearly states that they are giving that service to you for free so I agreed.

    It took them 3 business days which means that they really didn't put my order as a priority like they promised and then they shipped it out on the 3rd business day. They gave me the tracking number after they shipped it and then I found that it won't be delivered to me for 4 business days. 6 including weekends. WHAT THE ***? I hate being lied to especially when they promised it and was adamant about it. I understood that they might not be able to offer it but why promise it to me in the first place? It's even stated on my frigging order: Next Day Shipping: Free. But look at the shipping fee: $60 for the oven, and $29.90 for shipping you a "free" pizza kit. So I paid over $80 in shipping?! This company is officially a scam. This is a big load of excreted lipids like how they boast about leaving off fat from the food they cook.

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  • Mi
      23rd of Aug, 2010
    Hearthware Home Products - They refued to refund shipping charge of 95.00
    Hearthware Home Products
    United States

    I ordered a nu wave oven and cancelled the order the same day they shipped it any way I called them and was told to reject the package and I would receive a refund they refunded me $51.46 and said the balancofthe $145.99 was shipping charges and was non-refundable I cancelled the order the same day as I placed the order so it should not have been shipped at all so why do I have to pay for shipping? Also tyou can buy a new wave oven at the mall for $90.00 I am very un happy with this compays way of doing buisness and I cant beleave they charge more for shipping than the unit cost

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  • Ve
      29th of Oct, 2010
    Hearthware Home Products - Don't stand behind their products
    Hearthware Home Products
    United States

    I have had an I Roast2 for about two years. recently it stopped working and i called Hearthware Home Products. they told me that it was out of warranty. i said i knew that. i was then told that unfortunately they did not have and parts in stock and she did not know when they would get parts but i could order them and they would ship them when they came in. i asked when that would be and she did not know... essentially she suggested that i buy another unit. I WILL! but it *** sure won't be a Hearthware Home Products unit. BEWARE! this company does not stand behind their products!

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  • Ja
      10th of Dec, 2010
    Hearthware Home Products - Don't order from them
    Hearthware Home Products
    United States

    I did as it appears many others have done. Started the order process but decided it was shady when they kept adding extreme shipping charges for each Free item.

    Exited the site and assumed my order didn't go through. A few days later there it was! I never even received an email confirming the order.

    Called them and explained the situation and spoke to a very rude "supervisor" named Alice. She sounded like she had heard this story before. She said all I had to do was pay to ship it back! This things weighs a ton, I can only imagine how much that would cost.

    I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and I encouraged all others to do the same. I am also contesting the charges with my credit card company.

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