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I'm currently enrolled at Heald College, and I hate it. They promised a "hands on" experience, which I am not getting. They only care about the money, They don't care about there students. The teachers are rude and are always late to class. Very unprofessional as the student body goes its very diverse . I feel like my adviser coned me. Now I have this huge debt, and I'm only 18. They're the most unprofessional college. They don't even make you take the higher English and Math classes, they focus on only your major, and that whole "help getting a job after graduation" is a sham. Once your out they don't care. Going to Heald was a horrible choice. I'm paying just as much or even more than it would to cost me to go to a university, and I'm not even getting the education that I'm paying for.

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      Feb 17, 2014

    I know exactly how you feel. I filed a complaint against them, got involved in a Class Action Law suit, gave legal documents to the Attorney General, and now i have to find an arbitration attorney. I have no education, no degree, no career, no opportunities, just debt from Heald College.

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  •   Aug 04, 2014

    THEY JUST DISMISSED ME FROM SCHOOL!!! 2 WEEKS INTO MY FINAL QUARTER FOR MY AA DEGREE! I feel utterly blindsided and robbed. I never got a warning, never filled out a disciplinary action plan, probation, or was told anything about this!! I am in my very last quarter before I graduate AA. Today (week 3) I was on my way to class when I was called to academics to ultimately be dismissed from the school all together! WTF!! I'm shocked, confused, lost, and feel that I was robbed! Now thousands of dollars in debt racked onto my already large debt with DEPT of Ed. For this AA degree and yet I get 1 quarter away from graduating, they literally sweep the rug out from under me and cast me away. What do I do now?

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