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I have been a student at Heald College since January 2007. Two weeks ago the new Quarter began and I had my classes and all. I go to the office to change my major, and they said I no longer qualify to be a student at Heald and they kicked me out of school! I just recently had a baby and was taking my classes online. I ended up being hospitalized after I had my baby because I ended up getting a disorder called toxemia and it can be fatal if not properly treated. The bad part about that is you can get it during pregnancy, but I got it after which is highly rare.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Concord, CA Heald wanted me to contact them when it was time for me to have the baby because I was taking 3 online classes. I contacted them, and I also emailed them when I got home to let my instructors know what had happened to me. I failed my classed because of my hospitalization. So also in the past I got dropped twice for health reasons and they knew it. So since this has all happened, I got kicked out and was 5 monthhs away from getting my AAS degree. I am so angry! Now I owe 20, 000 that I don't have and no degree, and no job! I am angry. They are one big scam.

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  • Ve
      May 20, 2010

    Hello to everyone in here who have been victimized by Heald. I also atteded Heald in 2006 and didn't finish due to a big misunderstandings and confusion by all staff from Heald. I am not going to go through the whole story because it just angers me to much. All I can say is that now I owe over $2, 000 and they are now in collection. I did exit Heald not owing them a dime and all my loans where through Citi Bank. How did they come up with me owing them over $2, 000??
    I am going to talk to a lawyer and will like for your support, if anyone here would like to join me and get answers please email me at [protected] I appreciate it and God bless.

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  • Jo
      Jul 22, 2010

    I also whent to Heald College in Concord, California. At first I liked it alot. My first classes during the first trimester were good. To be honest, the school was a nice enviroment and the staff was really nice. I had lots of fun their. Not untill the time when i got pregnant. As my belly started to grow i started getting lazier and lazier to drive to school every Monday to Thursday. So i asked my teacher Josh Goodson to put me online. I did and i was very successful online. While my due date came by my aunt braught up her college, University Of Phoenix. She was telling me how the campus was closer than Concord (I live in Vacaville), and they dont have to pay for books. She also told me how much her classes were worth, and they were the SAME PRICE AS MINE. My aunt, is studying for her BACHELORS in Human Services. She has now graduated!
    This is when i relized how much Ive been paying at Heald for my ASSOCIATES. Which isnt worth anything.

    They seriously charge so much for nothing. Dont ever go their. And something else i have to complain about is their schedual for classes. I hated the fact that i had school almost every day! . You're better off at a four year college. I am now going to University of Phoenix. AND I LOVE IT! Im going to my Bachelors in Elementary Education. And i go to class once a week. And their work and classes are serious on your education. I love it!

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  • Gi
      Sep 29, 2010

    i heald college too the one in S.F

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  • Al
      Nov 12, 2010

    You're an idiot Joanna. You only realized how expensive Heald is after talking to your aunt? Pathetic. You deserve to get ripped off. Accept some responsibility for yourself instead of blaming the college.

    It wouldn't make any difference if you went to Heald or Harvard with your [censor] attitude. Stay the [censor] away from me.

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  • Wo
      Feb 10, 2011

    All I can say is Heald College sucks they just take as much money as they can, and when the your student loans funds run our. Heald College will drop you. Please don't go to Heald College, they will take your money its all about the money, if your lucky you will get a $10 to $12 Dollar job.

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  • Pr
      Apr 28, 2011

    Here is news for you- Heald teaches courses that are on a fifth grade reading level. I know this because I used to teach there. The average Heald student can't read or write better than their ten year old cousin... from Vietnam. I had 38 year old white people (meaning not from ESL classes) that made the cast of Jersey Shore look like goddamn MIT students. Your problem is you are dumb enough to think Heald is a real college. It is not. It is not even a real community college. It's ###ing high school with ashtrays. It's fairly easy to tell where you fit in- single mom that will bus tables at Denny's on the graveyard shift for the rest of your life. Grow up. Heald is a business. Of course it is all about the money. You think if you go to Harvard, they will let you stay if you don't pay your bill? That's typical welfare mom way of thinking. No one owes you ###.

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  • Br
      May 11, 2011

    ProfToodie, wow so negative. What the hell did Heald do to you? Hire you on for a semester, then fire you because you made the mistake in trying to actually teach? I agree with you as far as the 5th grade reading level b.s. The first English book I received, I asked the teacher if this was actually "college material" because I didn't believe it. The problem isn't Welfare thinking, it's the lies that they give you constantly on the T.V., or the "advisors" which are nothing more than sales people. And then when you further question, the teachers will of course back up the claims. The biggest problem I see here is that people are swept in as soon as they enter the salesfloor, and they don't have a chance to breath until you are completely caught up in the garbage. Heald lies. They lie to you when you walk in the door, they lie to you in the class room, they lie to you when you talk to anybody in administration. The only time one will figure out that it's a scam is when all the lies don't add up, and they research at home, "Heald Scam", or "Heald Complaints". Seriously people, go to a Jr. college in your community. Don't waste any time or money at Heald. You are only cheating yourself on every level if you give them the time of day.

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  • Ad
      Sep 10, 2012

    all of these people who have complaints NEED to contact the department of education! SERIOUSLY we can do something about the scams this college is doing. IF enough people report them to the department of education I think this college could get into huge trouble for the ### that they are pulling. I ALSO WENT THROUGH THAT BULL ###. The department of education's phone number is [protected]. That phone number will get you to at least a voice mail of a woman. Leave a message about how you need to speak to someone in the department of education concerning Heald college with your name and phone number. Then talk to a lady or gentlemen over there and explain all the unscrupulous behavior that has taken place!Please call it isn't fair for those after you to be taken advantage of in the same manner. There is also a way to file a formal complaint.

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