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Heald CollegeFalse Information

Heald College is a joke! After attending school for three quarters and 10, 000 dollars worth of debt, I have come to the conclusion that i have once again sucked into a scheme. The advisers are really nice when you go and sign up they act like they care, shame on me for falling for this one. EVERYONE COME FOR FREE DAY CARE is what should be in front of the school. This school has gotten out of control, though you may be able to weed out the third that do do there jobs properly for the majority this school has NO professionalism. Please before attending Heald College consider that for an Associates Degree you MUST stay an extra two quarters which amounts to an extra 8000-10, 000 and you are in school as long as you would have been just attending City College. GO TO CITY INSTEAD!!! BEWARE OF HEALD they have gangsters on campus:/


  • Rb
    rbbty Apr 07, 2015

    As a current student, I am conflicted. I am so close to graduation that I want to stay, but at the same time this last quarter has been a complete nightmare. To start off, not all of the instructors are bad, Just allot of them. Some instructors treat you like you are in high school well others give you too much freedom in the classroom. Most teachers will pick favorites and let students skate by without doing much work . I have been that student in a few classes, But its not because I did not know the content, quite the opposite in fact, I knew the content too well and it was boring to me. But the fact of the matter is that most students at heald college don't even know how to make a power point presentation let alone use correct formatting on papers. So should I stay at a school when my diploma will just be a joke, or do I move on and just throw away all the time and effort I have put into this school?

    A very distraught student :(

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  • Da
    DatAsianDude Jan 07, 2015

    necro bump... all these guys ever do is spam my phone even after I told them specifically that "I'm not interested" and "please take my number out of your machine, stop calling me, and leave me alone I'm not interested in your type of college"... responds by telling me "ok we'll take your name out of the automated machine" and a heald meme or something "we'll take note". Seriously these guys need to get their head out of their ### and instead of spamming ppl; fix their reputation, change their college type, remove every1 and hire new ppl or just plain out remove themselves from society. ATM my cup is full and this is mainly a complaint towards the "advisers" that call and want you to go to their POS school. BTW IF HEALD CALLS ME 1 MORE TIME... "YOU GONNA LEARN 2DAY!" also these guys are the definition of "BAD" and so are the other for-profit colleges.
    Thank you,
    Satisfied community college student

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  • Heald is really all for profit! I to had to do an extra quarter due to the institutional changes. Plus when i started heald tuition has been going up in price every 2 quarters. The policy at heald is When a student dosent attend a Class for a cosecutive 14 days they are automatically dropped well at least thats what the letters I get from heald say Yet when it comes time to adjust my tutition charges due to class Drop this no longer applies this yr . Hows is it that i just received a letter dated 07/29/2014 which clearly states After 14 days of not attending my class im at risk for being dropped? also i have major discrepencies with my exit packet. According to my packet info sent by heald I has a credit balance of 6500 they retured 4500 back to the lenders so weres my other 2000? Also i hAd been awarded cal grant b and heald never gave me my grant at all! Im trying to get all this info to match up but heald is jus giving me the run around. I was actually told that they dont even check the exit packet information before they send it to the student,

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  • Pu
    Public Broadcasting Feb 12, 2014

    I had no intention of ever attending this school, thanks to having previously worked with Heald graduates - relentlessly attempting to instruct one on how to file alphabetically... Without success. What I've found most enlightening within this forum, aside from the person who obviously works for Heald, the only other in support of the school has no concept of grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Which is not that astounding in this day and age, but the brilliant tip of the glass is, There Is A Spell Check for Posting!!!

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  • Wo
    word against word Feb 08, 2014

    yes its also know from a friend i have goes there, has told me she has been sexually harassed by one of the financial aides there.She also attends school and it seems to fall on word against word. They need to change this asap an not put it as if its nothing. Its also know everyone doesn't do their own work and copy others papers. Isn't it the reason one attends to learn??? Sad, they need to monitor better and if one complains they should follow up correctly.

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  • He
    healdsucks Jan 28, 2014

    HEALD SUCKS! PERIOD! and all the staff and employees too! go eat the crap you feed students!

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  • We
    Wendy805 Aug 29, 2012

    thank u!! I almost bought into the heald scam simply to get a Jump start in the med field but I was skeptical about this whole crap! they all seemed to fake and too simple, I don't buy into stories fast. so I called up colleges and yeah!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! all scams! I thinks it's sad to mess with people's dreams and ambitions. heald can suck it!!! ###!!

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  • Wo
    WOT (waste of time) Jul 03, 2012

    I totally agree with all the complaints against Healed, I went for three years (part time) going 6 days a week Saturday included, and worked a part time job in San Francisco, and for what!!!. ONE BIG DISAPPOINTMENT, when I first started Healed I was all excited with the "skits" yeah B.S.they give you in the beginning, but it is when you realize oh!oh! I made a big mistake it is way too late, maybe it was the out dated material, or getting a passing grade in Algebra even though I failed each test, but the Instructor passed me because "the Instructor liked me". I went for the Medical Assistant program if you really think you will get some where from Healed, do the Test I have done since 2008 when I "graduated". Here is the test: Whenever you go to the doctors office ask the Medical Assistant who is working, " What school did you come from?", not once since I graduated in 2008, asking every time I go to the doctors have I ever heard from Healed College. I have heard "Community Colleges, CCOC, even Everest" (and this was this year that two got hired at the same medical office from Everest).Oh yeah, I did receive one remark about Healed from one Medical Asst, that office stopped using Healed, because Healed would not allow the student the required time to stay at the office which is usually 6 hours a day. Healed wanted to give only 2 hours a day to allow the student, then go back to Healed for one of the outdated classes they provided. Another thing if you ever do get a Grant that Healed is pushing you to get. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A COPY OF THE GRANT BEFORE SIGNING IT OVER to Healed, I was still believing in Healed at that time and signed a Grant over and it was never recorded to go towards my tuition. But one thing you are guaranteed from Healed, a big debt usually from Citi Bank who will harass you then take your loan which you are trying to pay each month split it into so many loans to different Creditors and Sally Mae, that you have to take legal action.

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  • Re
    RemorseFul Jul 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It has been a while sense I have been back to this web site I posted the original Complaint against Heald College, after reading all the responses I am amazed that people are attending Heald.

    I am employed and have been sense I graduated.
    The comment from someone who is on Heald's payroll posted above is gibberish and CRAP!
    Enough Said.

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  • He
    Heald employee Oct 06, 2010

    It takes so much work to be a successful student. Heald teaches success. Heald teaches professionalism. Every campus is different, but it's up to every student to take the most they can get from all their instructors and mentors. You cannot count on anyone else to do it for you. You should not blame anyone else for your shortcomings.

    I was a student at City College and State University as well as an instructor at both. Heald is the only educational institution that literally cares for their students to complete their education whether it be 18 months for an AAS or 24 months for an AA. So when you get a phone call because of your absence, Heald is your support system encouraging you to stay on top. What other instructors do you know that will call you and let you know about the assignment that you missed out on and can work on at home or the quiz you will need to study for when you come back to class? Students don't realize that the Student Services support team will find out reasons for absences and help students with their life issues. As always, the goal in the end is to help the students' COMPLETE their first step in education.

    Education is lifelong and expensive no matter where you go. I would rather pay more for an education where I am immediately taking classes in my major. I would rather invest my money instead of attending institutions that nickel and dime you for everything including scantrons and parking permits. I would rather do it all over again and go to Heald instead of waiting on the phone all night trying to enroll into my own classes only to find out that the classes are full or waiting on a waiting list on the first day of classes only to be entered into a lottery draw for the 4 available seats out of 150. I would rather have my classes closely scheduled together instead of taking a MWF 8am class and then a 7pm class because that's the only offered time.

    I hope that potential students read the complaints above, but realize that there are students that don't make it through Heald. But there are hundreds more who stick it out and become extremely successful...President of college campuses, business owners, IT administrators, technology trainers who travel the world, teachers, ... This is true of any college institution.

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  • Be
    Beyond.. Aug 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Im in my 3rd quarter right now and so is my best friend. She just withdrew 2days ago from the school and I am next for all these same reasons!! It is a scam they told us "ALL" of our credits were transfereable to the school of "OUR CHOICE" in or out of state. Last week we contacted the schools on the list where Heald supposedly has contracts with to accept students and most of the schools had never even heard of Heald or they said "NO". That was so damn upsetting!! My plan was to graduate from Heald and transfer to a state university!! When [censor] like this happens one can get really discouraged... So we had a meeting with the school and they still argue that their credits are transferable and that other colleges will accept us.. Who do I believe?? The scholl that tells me I can do as I choose or the school I want to go to?...

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  • He
    Healdcollege student Jun 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am in my 5th quarter at heald and i abousltly love heald! There is no way that every single person on this fourm is all about bashing heald. You end up getting what you put into heald. If you take it seriously you will get good results.. If you sit on your [censor] and do nothing then thats your own fing problem, I do agree to some points you have made on here.. Some femals at Heald College in Hayward have a rep. to dress like they are going to a strip club with their uber high heels and their tiny tops and think its business attire because what you are wearing high heels.. i dont think so!
    As far as the advicers there are some that dont give a [censor] about you after you get your foot in the door but honestly i can say that my advisor is the best one you could ever get. she is always there to check on me just not because i go to school here but because I actually care and i talk to her, honestly you will get [censor] service everywhere you go to school, and honestly you need to make the best out of your schooling, in my opion school isnt to make everyone happy you need to do it for yourself no one else should matter... I think that every single person on this forum didnt put the time and effort into making heald what YOU wanted. You just sat on your fat [censor] and didnt do [censor], so of course you had a [censor] time at heald.! Stop bashing heald!! Im sure that 99 percent of you wouldnt go to the dean of your heald and tell them excatly how you feel like you wrote on here!!

    Just my 2 cents! take it or leave it.. i dont care!!

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  • It
    IT: Network Tech Mar 13, 2010

    I am an alumni of Heald College and had a great experience there. I do understand peoples problems with how the advisory problems are but you will get the same problems with any city college you go to. At any city college you will run into problems of overcrowded classes and having to wait an extra quarter or so to get into the classes you want and need to graduate. The classes you apply each quarter to be in you can tell the advisors "I want to be in this class this semester with this teacher." You do not have to deal with whatever they give you and hope that your petition for a class goes through. You would also have to deal with the class sizes being upwards of 30 people in a classroom unlike the Heald setup of 10-20 in a class so you can have personal time to be face to face with a teacher. The professionalism is what you make it at Heald. If you decide to act professionally you will be treated professionally.

    This is all how I saw the school from my perspective.

    P.S. If you want to go to any college and want to graduate on time then you must keep on your advisors and make sure that you are still on track with the classes you have taken, are currently taking, and will be taking.

    Good Luck with you future prospects.

    -Heald Graduate

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  • Tr
    trulydissapointed Jan 05, 2010

    Yes. I was victimized also, but for it was a different situation, as I will explain here...Academically I was an ace in the grades for all quarters, made the Dean's list (big whoopie doo since I never got all my award certificates) and maybe a few absences through out my entire time there which was for 15 months since I had other applied credentials. Not bad you would say, well as for my internship, I was placed with a ### of a doctor at local practice. i had mentioned this to a staff member named Ms. Sterling. She just said to deal with it and mentioned to me that Heald is only repsonsible to retain my externship only once. Oh really, so what they were really saying is if it does not work out for you then your ###ed. Yeah I said it ###ed! So where is the professionalism in that, I mean they were expecting me to deal with a doctor that was so rude she wouldn't even call me by my first name, nor did she speak to us directly...and Heald was quick in the very begining to take my money and tell me they are here to help me succeed in my future when in reality they hinder people and create the most unreasonable circumstances. Just a warning if you don't like your internship or externship placeent then the only solution they offered to me was to find another place that was contracted with Heald...RED ###ING TAPE AND MORE WORK ON YOUR BEHALF!!! so what the hell did i pay Heald for. Yeah while i walked into the career center many times to find the fattest ### on the computer surfing the web...that is how they were spending my dollars. Last of my oberservations and Personal experience is I never was able to finish my externship and therefore was still allowed to walk the stage for the April 2009 graduation and to this day I still do not have my diploma. So I decided to enroll into city college and long story short after consulting with one of the administraton/counselors...HEALD DOES NOT HAVE A CONTRACT NOR ANY AGREEMENT THAT ALLOWS YOUR CREDITS TO BE TRANSFERABLE TO EVEN A REAL COLLEGE LIKE CHABOT...GO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO FILL OUT A REQUEST FOR ADMITTANCE OF CREDITS TO EACH AND EVERY CLASS YOU WANT TO TAKE TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE, AND HOPEFULLY THE DECIDING COURSE DIRECTOR WILL AGREE TO ADMIT YOUR HARD EARNED GRADES DEPENDING ON THEIR MOOD...HEALD MAY BE AN ACCREDITED COLLEGE BUT WITH WHICH UNIVERSITIES? OH NO THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU because Heald college is full of ### and my lawyers think so too. Look out for the details on the news because i'm not keeping quiet.

    contact me for additonal info or comments @ [email protected]

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  • Fi
    Fightback18000 Oct 19, 2009

    Heald college is a scam! went there from october 2006- july 2008! I say we all get together and fight them with all we got for a tuition refund!!! Dont let them screw us over!!! I went to the Fresno heald college and I couldnt find a job because employers dont hire people who went to heald college. So I moved to Sacramento CA and its the same here...No job!!!

    contact me for any questions or comments!

    [email protected]

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  • Ss
    SSARMENT Oct 16, 2009

    So, just the same I started in April 2009 and I feel very let down. The dumb ### that can't figure out the difference between right and wrong when wearing professional attire, the advisors that are your friends, etc.. I actually considered staying because I felt comfortable with my setting and the people in it. Granted that was only 2 people in the whole school because everyone else was their for the financial aid pay check. (or so it seemed) But the big kicker was the fact that my friend went to MTI to check it out, and found that MTI after 1 year places you in a good environment and doesn't take just anybody off the street. Oh, and when my friend went to academic services to disenroll she was told that maybe she didn't put in enough work and was critized for leaving. I am sorry but what is professional about the administration arguing with a soon to be ex student. My decision wasn't final until I heard that. She is a person that is bright and smart and I trust her judgement, but when they crossed the line I decided right there that MTI should be expecting another student. And how dare they say anything to her and I haven't disenrolled yet but god forbid! I better keep up my gaurd. My favorite part of the story is when the admissions lady told my friend that " Well, that goes to show you that you only get back what you put in!" UUUmmmm...she got a 4.0 GPA all 2 quarters that she stayed. I guess you do. DUMMY! I feel like thay really don't care about the students and that we are just a pay check to them. GET IN. GET OUT. GET AHEAD. AND THEN COME BACK BECAUSE YOU FIND OUT THAT EVERYTHING YOU LEARNED DOESN'T MEAN DIDDLY!

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  • Mi
    Mickey Jackson Aug 23, 2009

    Heald is not respected. Don't waste your time or money. I hope the students they con bring a class action law suit against them and win. HEALD IS A SCAM.

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  • Al


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  • Ap
    Apple Lady Aug 05, 2009

    I remember during my first semester at Heald, the computer teacher told the class a "true" story about a student who had done really well in the secretary program and had gotten a job with the Sacramento Kings in their front office. The teacher went on to say that she was paid so well because she went to HEALD that she was able to fulfill her dreams of buying a Porsche 911. I smelled BS. The first year was full of these "true" stories. Well once you get out into the real world and you don't have a Bachelor's Degree just a stinky little AA from Heald it become a little emberassing. I've gotten some good years out of my education but right now I'm so burned out on being a legal secretary that I regret not staying at my community college and slugging it out and getting my Bachelor's degree. I don't recommend Heald. They are really good at saying bullsh*t stories. Shame on you Heald!!

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  • Ch
    Chrissy22 Jul 15, 2009

    I also agree... I was there for 3 quarters as well. When I first started Heald College the counselors "want" you to succeed. The counselors really put on a good show and make you feel welcomed. After going to a local community college and comparing the time and money between the two.. I will be at heald another year and another 18000 dollars or community college for a year and they are willing to give me 2000 a quarter for books classes and assistance with paying my rent. What sounds better? The education at heald college is for people who dont know anything. The first week of a computer class is how to click a mouse and create a folder on the desktop. You waste one semester learning how to add 2 plus 2, clicking a mouse and how to write a sentence.. thats 3000 dollars right there? Do you really want a part of that? OH and dont miss any classes! they will hunt you down to see what is going on... OH and dont just stop going they will call you all hours of the day to see what is going on. The student services calls and calls and calls... I feel like reporting them. well this was only the beginning of my problems with them. If you have any other questions email me [email protected]

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  • Lo
    Loke808lani Jul 06, 2009

    I also fell for that Ive been going to 3 quarters already and have just learned that i am only going for my AAS which i told them that i wanted my AA they never told me anything at the time. Now that im half way through i am now informed that I would have to stay an extra 2 quarters. They are scammers, i should have stayed at community college i will be graduating at the same time i would have and saved a lot of money.

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