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HC Processing Center / Billing Problems

1 PO Box 1309Lowell, AR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-946-4242

While in the dental chair needing a root canal, I was approached by the dental billing agent to sign up for credit as my insurance would not cover the entire expense. I did and was approved. I started making my payments within 30 days and continued to make them every month. Even with this my bill kept going up and I didn't know why. I asked my mom to do some research as she is home and I am at work. She discovered that they have been charging me $39. every month late fee. I paid by Internet for almost a year and then changed jobs and did not have access to the Internet from work so I paid by phone. They charged an additional $10. for this service. With the bill going up I could never get anywhere. They dinged my good credit 150 points so I stopped making payments and I am working on a class action suit against them and have filed with the FTC a complaint. My mom asked them to waive the late charges and we would pay the bill in full. They said no they do not negotiate. Do not get sucked into signing anythi8ng while under duress like I did. If your dentist or doctor suggest this to you run as fast as you can. If you go online you will find other compaints just like this one. I am not alone in this boat.

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