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HC Processing Center / extra charges for no reason/ shady business

1 P.O Box 268808, Oklahoma City, OK, United States
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HC Complaint

As everyone on this site, I'm having problems with the guys from HC Processing Center.
My story starts when deciding to have some laser treatments done with a company in Vegas. The laser company's working apparently with HC Processing Center so that's where I received the loan from.
As a start, this company did a hard check when I was let know that until I was to decide if I want to do the treatment or not it will be a soft check on my credit.
I decided because of the hard check (since they did anyway without letting me know I will go ahead with this company. They offered 1 year no interest, if I'm paying $69/month minimum and after that 30, 74% APR.
The whole amount to be borrowed was approximately $2000. After paying for the year around $1600 I was left to pay $399.
Since from this January first the APR was to be applied that means an additional charge of $12.27 representing the 30.74% of the APR for the $399 amount.So add this $12.27 to the remaining amount of $399 would result in a total amount of $411.27.
So this letter received in January 2019 is telling me I have to pay a total NEW amount of $874.87. That means $463.6 above what I was supposed to pay. As per their explanation, this would include an additional charge of $416 in which an amount of $398 is for "Deferred interest charge assessed on purchase" and an "Annual fee" of $59 plus an "Interest charge on purchases" for $18.11
So the question here now is:
- Why I have to pay $59 annual fee if this is not an actual credit card?
- How can I have "Deferred interest charge" when I never had a late payment and ALL the payment where above the minimum payment (some months $100, $150, $200 and even $300 instead of the $69 minimum) all of these of course provable by debit card statements.
- How can the statement be changed that if in December I was left to pay $699, their statement pointing that if I would have paid just the minimum payment of $69, in 13 months I would end up paying $819 total amount. I made a payment of $300 for January and the next letter is stating now if I would pay only the minimum payment in 16 months I would end up paying a total of $1071.
As a meaning of closing my plead.
I came in here from Eastern Europe.
We eat this type of s$&it in there daily from mobster companies that are not accredited and are not under any laws, citizens being obligated to use their services.
I came in here because of the poor services and way of life in my home country and US of A always teach me in 9 years since I'm in here to be fair and to respect its laws and expecting to be treat with fairness.
Judging by this company's actions I'm not feeling these is something happening inside the great US.
These is something shady that even the Nigerian scammers can actually learn from, nevermind my home country.
I don't want to not be paying for the goods I'm buying and the services I'm using as I'm always fair, but I don't want be RIPPED OFF for the $457.76 that I'm earning through fair hard work.
Thank you very much!

HC Processing Center
HC Processing Center

Jan 17, 2019

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