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Havertys Furniture / Thief and liar

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You all have some one that work for that company that lies and steals and do drugs. On a daily basis, will not take responsibilities for their own actions, no matter what they do, they beg, they steal, and lie! On a daily basis. That individual needs to be drug tested, as soon as possible. I am a concerned consumer as well as a paying customer. How can Haverty's Furniture Store can have someone that works in your company that would steal and lie and beg customers for tips? Because they deliver furniture. To the paying customer...they should be FIRED!!!

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  • En
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    Let me start off by saying that no one should ever shop at Haverty's and here are reasons why.

    1: Furniture markup--- Haverty's furniture is so tremedously marked up far more than any other furniture store. Take a piece that costs $999.00 in the store, Haverty's cost only $299.00. A piece selling for $1, 999.oo, again Haverty's cost is $599.00.

    2: Quality of product--- Haverty's product is not the best by comparison. I have seen so many returns because of the unit falling apart or just being delivered damaged.

    3: Delivery cost--- Haverty's has raised their delivery charge from $49.95 to $199.99-$699.99. If anyone pays this, then shame on you.

    How do I know these things---- I am a former employee. If anyone has any questions then just email me @ enoch17 AT for full details on anything concerning Haverty's.

  • Rd
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    I tried to negotiate a discount on a home office collection sold by Haverty's. The Chateau de Vin collection is manufactured by Aspenhome and is modular in construction ... you can mix and match different components.

    Haverty's quoted me $5, 000 for the set of components I was interested in. I asked for a 20% discount because I know the margin in the furniture industry are high. I was immediately told that Haverty's has a "no haggle" policy and they could not adjust the price.

    I contacted Aspen Home and requested other retailers in the Dallas area that sold their merchandise. I was referred to Weirs and Charter Furniture. Weirs for similiar components (slight differences) quoted me approx $3, 300. Charter Furniture for the same components (from what I could tell) quoted me $3, 000.

    I contacted my sales person at Haverty's and alerted her to the price discrepancy. The "Asset Manager" at Haverty's returned my email, and informed me that the Aspen Home furniture that Haverty's carried had "added features" from Weirs which accounted for the difference in pricing. I am an amateur woodworker, so I was interested in what the added feature were ... I went back to Haverty and thoroughly looked over the furniture at Haverty's and could not note any "added features" other than pull out lighting on the hutches (certainly not worth an incremental $2, 000 in my opinion). From what I could tell, the furniture was identical (other than the pull out lighting) to the furniture at Charter and Weirs.

    I asked for a complete list of added features that would account for the increased price ... as of yet, no response from Haverty's.

    This just proves ... Caveat Emptor

  • Mi
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    Would you really know every employees actions? If you really are a concern consumer and a paying Havertys customer, report it to the management. Be proactive not just a bystander baby.

  • Co
      30th of Aug, 2014
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    Haverty's commercials are getting more stupid by the day. The redheaded couple in their commercials just don't have a clue. They advertise that you can design your own furniture at Haverty's. Wrong! You can only choose between what they already have in their inventory, and change the color of the pillows or sofa covering, if already available. I took my design to Haverty's to have them manufacture my design. They said they do not custom manufacture furniture. False advertising, and they should be sued. And as already stated, the mark-up is outrageous, and the quality poor.

  • No
      30th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I wouldn't buy from them either. When my hubby and I went shopping for a new sofa there a few months back, they were having a sale. We looked around and settled on a sofa we both liked. The saleslady said, "Oh, that comes in lots of fabrics, you can choose a different fabric if you want!" So we sat there for twenty more minutes picking out the fabric we wanted. Then we found her again and said to her, "We've chosen (whatever the fabric was called.)" Then she disappeared for about five minutes, came back and announced to us, "That fabric is going to cost you another $300.00." There was no signage to that effect. We looked at each other, laughed at her and left without another word. So, she couldn't have told us that before wasting our time? That negated the sales price, and she was deceptive. Haverty's is sneaky, and we wouldn't go back.

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