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I purchased a sofa at Ikano's Harvey Norman Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Outlet on 11 May 2018, under the order number #1866178. Description are as follows.

- LST COSTA M9965 25T+ RHF CHS # F-DH1341-3C  (RM4871.00);
- With application of TEXICOTE  (RM299.00)

On 3 June 2018 I received the above-mentioned furniture item with great disappointment. I found stains on the sofa which supposedly has had Texicote applied to it (I was told that Texicote is a water-proof and anti-stain coating process by one of your salespersons named Dave). I sprayed a little bit of water on the sofa and to my surprise the sofa absorbed the water. That should not have been the case if Texicote was applied properly. The outcome is completely different from the demonstration shown to me by Dave.
Another flaw I found utterly ridiculous is that the sofa legs are uneven. The legs don't meet the floor! (Please see attached pictures)

I am highly dissatisfied with the service and product, which has brought me huge inconvenience and waste of time. I am not sure how much it would cost me to return the sofa, but I insist on a full refund for all costs incurred. I sincerely hope that Harvey Norman would resolve this issue for me and not let it be a blemish on the quality of your services.

Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

Jun 06, 2018

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