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The service was really bad, you were shoved from one register to another without an operator at the register you were directed to, you made a purchase in one department that couldn't finalize the sale, then there were bargain bins on the way out that you couldn't pay for the purchase of those bargain bins you had to go to another department, the staff were off hand and talked to "friends" who were customers - without even acknowledging you were there for over 10 minutes, I very rarely put pen to paper but the whole experience was disgusting and I will never shop there again.

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  • Ro
      Apr 09, 2009

    I purchased a 32" LCD tv. We used it for 3 nights and noticed the sound stopped intermittently. I took the TV backon the Forth night and advised them that it was faulty and I would like a replacement or a refund. They made a lot of excuses about the manager not being there and cant make those decisions although evenually the manager did appear. The manager advised me that I need to prove that the set is faulty. I suggested that the fault only happened intermitently and he said well he needs to check that it has a fault. Why the hell would I go to the trouble of taking a Television back to the store if it was fine, I had negotiated the best price available and there was no reason for me to lie. So I said I gues I have to leave the set here to which he replied you can take it if you wish. Then how can he test it? So I guess if I take it I need to accept that there is no fault. Other customers became interested in the comotion and I started explaining the problem to them. They agreed that the treatment was poor and incorrect. The staff seeing that I was talking to other customers demanded that I leave the store. I stood out side the store talking to people as they passed me by and then a security guard was called and removed me assulting me on the way out. I wish I could find the people who witnessed all this. Now I have no TV.

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  • Re
      Apr 10, 2009

    Sorry mate but you are an idiot...
    All you need to do is follow your consumer rights instead of acting like a complete tool. HN can drag this out for up to 14 weeks (ACCC) So thats 14 weeks without your TV.
    If you treat HN like you would want to be treated, you will get serviced. If you act like a idiot they will treat you exactly like that... an idiot!
    Swallow you pride, apologise and they will fall over to help you...
    At the end of the day if the TV is faulty they have no options but to swap it.

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  • Sa
      Jun 30, 2009

    I agree with are a complete idiot. If there is a problem you actually call the "manufacturer" and they will assist you in fixing it or if they cannot they will give you a case number in which will allow you to have it replaced (within a certain period of purchase) or you can have it repaired in which case ur drop off point would be Harvey Norman and the manufacturer will take cafre of it. REMEMBER...Harvey Norman sell the goods and they are set within limitations and guildlines as to what they can or cannot do, and one of those being "the supplier/manufacturer have the right to inspec faulty goods before they are replaced...Seriously if you had customers coming over to you from the "comotion" then obviously you were acting like a fool...

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  • V0
      Jun 23, 2010

    Each Department is owned by a different person, its frustrating but its the same thing as if you go to the shopping center you cant pay for you Myer products at the Telstra shop. harvey norman stores are actually many smaller stores all under one roof.

    As for the cashier thing only certain staff are able to handle money. I perosnally think it detracts from the customer service but I am sure you can understand the security reasons behind it.

    and if a staff member is not doing their job tell the franchisee in my experience they will be fired

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