Harvey Norman / multiple price tickets on a product

Nunawadding, Australia

Hi, today I was shopping for a mixer in the Nunawadding branch of Harvey Norman.
I was approached by a staff member who's name I did not get, and I asked him to tell me about the mixer (Kenwood Multione) which had a standing sales ticket of $299 with the make and model clearly visible on the ticket.
We discussed what attachments came with the product, and he told me that this model was out of stock and was not going to be returning. I enquired about purchasing the display model if it had all of it's attachments.
He went and received the box with said attachments.
I asked what price reduction I would receive due to the product being a discontinued display model.
He informed me that the price would be $398.
Confused, pointed out the sale price of $299, which I believed to be the original sale
price of a brand new product in a sealed box. Why would I pay $100 more for an ex display?
He told me that the $299 price tag was wrong and quickly whisked it away. No other explanation was given, no further reduction from the now remaining $398 ticket. There were no other Kenwood products on the shelf that this lower price tag could refer to. It specifically stated the model on the ticket.

I felt like I was being duped into paying more for an ex display item that was being discontinued, than the price that was advertised for a brand new one.
I left the store quite angy and upset as I thought that even if mistakenly priced, a retail store had to honour the lower price shown. The staff member tried to get me to pay an extra $100 for a display model!!!
Luckily, I took a photo of the deal while the staff member was finding the box, and I will be happy to pass it along to the ACCC as I feel that this is very misleading to consumers.

Harvey Norman

Oct 16, 2017

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