Harvey Normanfitbit

I purchased a Fitbit surge on Saturday 26th March I took the product home and had trouble with setting it up. I followed the instructions and it would not update. I tried for the whole of sat and Sunday and still could not get it to work. I took it back to the store and said to the manger Chris that I suffer severe anxiety and that the watch would not set up and that I would like to return the product as I don't need to be anxious over a product that wouldn't work. He said that if he could set it up then there is nothing he could do for me and treated me like a criminal. He got the watch to set up and said I will put it in a bag as there is nothing I can do for you. I started to have an aniexty attack in the store and he said that if I have any more problems to bring in my laptop and show him the trouble I am having. I said all I want to do is return the product as I don't want anymore anxious moments with it. He fobbed me off and walked away. I then asked a lady if there was anyone I could talk to and he told her to ignore me. Maria from furniture calmed me down so I could go home as I was a mess as all I wanted to do is return a product I wasn't happy with. Chris was rude and aggrant and he didn't have a care in the world about my concerns. All I want to do is return the product as I am unhappy with it and I don't need any more anxiety attacks over this product. I also bought a laptop on the day for my son.

Thank you

Mar 27, 2016

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