Harvey Normandelivery service

Organized for my washer/fridge to be delivered so it would be one less thing to worry about when moving. Was told that when delivered it would be brought into the house and set up to working order. This was not the case the delivery guy's told my 34week pregnant sister that it wasn't there job rather rudely while the other apologized to her as they left the appliances in the shed. My sister called me I was 10mins away by the time I got to the house they were gone.i didn't even see the truck drive out of the estate. I was on my way back with food for my son. When I called the store and asked about the service as I thought maybe I miss heard 3 staff member's told me that they were ment to bring them in set them up to working order. I explained that I am a single Mum and my sister was 34weeks pregnant how are we meant to move washer/fridge into the house. So after back a foward phone calls I was told no one would be able to come back to help me move the fridge and washer until later the next day. I had to call my brother and get him to bring a mate over to help move the fridge and washer. I called the store back to tell them to not worry about sending someone to move and install the fridge/washer to be promised a gift card in the mail that has never come. I am still extremely dissatisfied and feel left down by Havery Norman (Aspley) after being offered a service to help make things easier on a already stressful moving weekend. Don't offer something if you can't deliver!
Don't say your going to do something if your not!

Dec 08, 2018

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