Harvey Norman / not sending paid goods

Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Contact information:
Phone: 0244725994

My brother ordered 2 wireless Telstra pre-paid modems on the 23/6/11 from a salesman named Joel & where paid for using my daughters Debit card. Was told he had them & would send them off in morning..24/6/11. Still to this day we have not recieved them? My brother Myles Windon has spoken to Joel & other staff and have been told allsorts of to us excuses! Also not happy as he used around $40 in phone calls to them from his pre-paid mobile phone & ran out of credit yesterday. When he does not get Joel on phone, other staff say will get Joel to phone you back!!! He DOES NOT phone back, even this morning at 10.30am, still no reply? I Justine rang them at lunch time today & a Lady named Libby said i will get Joel to ring you back! as he is with a customer. I said he will NOT ring back as he never has yet & now i am using my mobile phone & we are customers too. This sales lady Libby said to me also that They have been sent, & then said "oh hang on Joel has packed them but not sure where they are? I will contact you back? She also mentioned the ones we ordered...but i told her thats not the ones we ordered at all? Its now coming up to 2pm & have not heard back again! Please help this is costing us too much money, & both on Disability payments. Regards Justine & Myles Windon [protected]

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