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Hardee's / Breakfast Potatoes / terrible quality breakfast potatoes

1 United States
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Man!!!...I've tried those breakfast potatos at least six times and they SUCK!!!...I kept specifically asking for has rounds in the drive up and kept getting those potatoes...finally I went inside and the lady said the potatoes have replaced the hash rounds and alot of people don't like them.., so now I only order the item and don't go for the combo or I go to mcd's...I'm sure those potatos are cheaper to make, but the hash rounds were so much better...from a business stand point this was a terriable least hardees could have still offered the hash rounds as an option and kept stats to see how many opted for the rounds instead...this would have proved that nobody cared for these potatoes...they just plane suck...bad move for hardees...,

Glad to see they finally give up the ketchup tho..for awhile they horded it like it was good...would give you about two/three packs for god..., and...almost all hardee's operate on a skelton crew, very understaffed...why don't they step above their competition and pay just slightly more to get and retain the best...!!!


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