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Date: 30 Dec. 2018 around 7 am near the check-in area, flight # QR3 to London (Heathrow)
Claim Reference: HIA42260
Details: I have forgotten my phone at the above mentioned location and day but it was found by HIA staff. I was directed to send an email to lost and found services which I did on the same day. I was asked three times to provide details about the mobile for verification purposes which included also my mobile passcode, which I don't this it was appropriate to be asked, but I provided it anyway. From the day I lost my phone, your staff were telling me that they will send the phone to me in London and I provided all the details and information they needed including the name of the airport and a copy of my ticket. After that I did not hear back from them at all although I have sent two reminders. My siblings tried to call them in Doha but the response were very weak so my brother had to go to the airport today to check the status of my claim. There, he was informed that the phone can not be shipped to London, in contrast to what I was told, and the only way is to authorize someone to collect it and send it back to me. I am really frustrated from the way my case was handled since your staff were not clear with me from beginning about the possibility of sending the phone and wasted my time in unnecessary procedures in addition to the way I received the latest update (through my brother and not your staff). For the time being, I wish they proceed with my request and give the mobile to my brother without additional delay. I am in a very critical situation since I can not use my bank account applications and I am running out of time and money. I would KINDLY ask your support to take my situation in account and release the phone as soon as possible. I have sent an authorization email with my brother and my ID copies.

Thank you

Jan 05, 2019
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  •   Jan 09, 2019

    It not clear, what is the fault of air carrier, if you have lost your own phone by yourslef.
    Waste of time!

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