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I subscribe to three Hallmark channels through Sling TV.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Wilmington, CA What happened to movie content, and why are the channels now stuffed with old TV shows, cooking and lifestyle? There's plenty of this stuff available through other channels. I'm really disillusioned. Are you trying to push me to your new Hallmark Movie channel? If so, shame on you! I already pay extra to Sling for the Hallmark channels I have.

Apr 20, 2018
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      Apr 30, 2018

    I used to look forward to Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on evenings and weekends--but no more. If you run Monk or Psych much of the day during the week, why why WHY would you do it again and call it a "Marathon" on Saturday or Sunday?? Boringboringboringboring! Please-- use your wondrous Mystery Women series, Murder She Baked, Garage Sale Mysteries (the best of the bunch...), Aurora Teagarden, Hailey Dean, and the two newer ones with Jewel and the Fixer-Upper productions. I just immediately flip to Animal Planet or turn the TV off altogether if I'm offered Monk or Psych or Matlock--that last one is WAY too old, dated, as is Hart to Hart. Yikes--I was a young mom with toddlers when those were made. Now as a grandmother with teen grandchildren, I feel Matlock, Mason, Hart to Hart, even Diagnosis Murder are just too "vintage." On the other hand, I never ever tire of Murder She Wrote. Go figure. Maybe because Angela Lansbury and the ensemble cast gathered for every show were of just such high quality, even the early ones. Charming, clever, and fun. Not so much with grumpy Ben Matlock. He wears me out.

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