Hair Cuttery / poor service very long wait

California, MD, United States

On 5/11/[protected]@ 5:30 I brought my (2)boys in to get a hair cut at: 45119 first Colony Way, California, MD 20619, I was told the wait would be 1 hour. during that one hour ( I was the second person on line) two hair stylists ended their day, even though more people were coming in. There were two stylists left. No one was at the front desk and every time a customer walked in or the phone rang, one of the two had to stop what they were doing to answer the call or greet the customer. As I was waiting, at least 4-5 more customers came and after told the waiting time, some left. One customer came to inquire about an error in his hair cut. So one of the two stylist had to address this and then went in the back. To my surprise, there was a third stylist, who took care of this customer. Ok so he went ahead of me, maybe that's ok but I was waiting for over an 1 hour by now. Why didn't this third stylist come out to address the waiting customers???? Maybe it was a dinner break. My boys were finally seen at 8pm. I wanted to leave earlier, but figure I waited this long. I don't have a problem with any of the stylist that were working. But this location is very poorly run. You have no front staff and honestly I think that the stylist should have their cutting rhythm uninterrupted. I personally would not feel comfortable with my stylist running back and forth for front desk work; she/he should be working on my hair as I am paying for that service, not for them to answer the phone or greet people. Is it the hair cuttery's practice: to cut service for cost. I can tell you if this continues I don't think you will have stylist who stay long and the negative word of mouth will spread. My recommendation: employ front desk staff, who could also sweep and wash hair if time. Educate your staff that if more than two customers are waiting, then stay and address them.

May 14, 2017

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