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Hair Cuttery / bad haircut

1 Boothwyn, PA, United States

I needed a TRIM this past weekend, and my usual salon was closed, so, against my better judgment I decided to go to a local haircutery. I was VERY specific, I asked to just clean up the sides and back, and no length off the top or front. I also told the girl that I was growing my hair out for the winter, and was going to be getting highlights from my regular salon in the next week or so.
She decided to use a zero guard and proceeded to make the sides and back nearly bald, which isn't all bad, but I did ask her to just trim. I let that go, the sides and back grow fastand she then shampood my hair, when we got back to the chair she received a phone call, while on the phone she decided to continue to trim my hair at the same time. I noticed she was cutting much more then I told her too, and I said "you remember I said slight trim" she then told .me my hair was uneven, and continued. Then to the front, and I put my foot down."please don't touch the front" I told her, and she gave me a rude look, and I simply said I was done.
The problem is simple, I made it perfectly clear that I was keeping my hair longer, and she decided on her own to give me a typical man's cut...she clearly didn't listen, and did what she wanted. I ended up with a military look, and all I wanted was to clean up the sides and back. Now, I couldn't get highlights for two months if I wanted too since she took half the length. I originally wasn't going to make an issue about it, but if people can't listen, and do what we the customer ask, then they shouldn't work in that field. I'm irritated by how my hair looks, pissed that I have to wait again to get highlights, and disgusted that she thought nothing about my complaint. This is the FINAL time I ever go to haircutery again, and I hope they stop hiring hacks, since like the time before I had a similar problem. Professional stylish always listen, and I've never had a problem, but haircutery, no matter how many times I've tried never gets it right. You get what you pay for, and if you don't care about how your hair looks, then by all.means go to haircutery, they do what they want no matter how specific you are.


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