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Hair Cuttery / blowdry/style

1 Hamilton, Virginia44110 Ashburn Shopping Plz Unit 190 Ashburn, VA 20147, United States
Contact information:

Date of Incident: 9/29/18
Location: 44110 Ashburn Shopping Plz
Unit 19 Ashburn, VA 20147
Name of Stylist: Farrah
Request: Full Refund/Explanation

I called the salon to ask for pricing/services as I was looking for someone to help wash and blow dry my hair for me. I am currently unable to do so myself due to a bad wrist injury. I made it very clear over the phone what kind of hair I have (I mentioned to Farrah- who mind you, my sister referred me to go try out since she had seen her a few times in the past), that my hair was full, curly, and coarse- I mentioned it was a little past my shoulders (which it is, curly).

She calls me to confirm my appt (which I made at 10am), then calls me again, to ask if I can come in at 11am- I said no, that won't work because I have an event to attend in Fredericksburg, which is about 1.5 hours away a at 2pm. She later leaves me a VM saying come in at 9:50am. I sent Farrah a text message to confirm back that 9:50am works great. I ended up showing up at 9:45am on Saturday, but she took me in at about 10:05am (which I wasn't upset about, it happens). Immediately after being greeted, Farrah starts dramatically making comments like "oh wow your hair is so long and full- you said it was a little past your shoulder {she obnoxiously laughed a few times, too}- this is going to cost you at least $50 dear! no way I can charge you $31standard price"- I said "excuse me? I discussed the amount of hair I have, and your staff mentioned this being a flat rate of Hair Cuttery"- she then starts to make more comments about how it will take so much time to do and how she won't have enough time. I simply stopped her mid-sentence and said "Farrah, look- if you don't want to help me, I will gladly go elsewhere. You have done nothing but complain since the minute I walked in- you either want to help me, or you don't." - she replies "no, I mean you are here, I will take you- come let's go get your hair washed." While Farrah is washing my hair, she repeatedly kept making comments about how I need to get a keratin treatment and how my hair has so much frizz that it's hard to maintain (mind you, it is MY hair and MY choice). I ignore the comments, and proceed to the chair after all her small talk. She starts to part my hair, so she can proceed to blowdry. Another lady (don'trecall her name, but she was also Iranian) walks over and makes a comment stating "oh did you lie to Farrah about how much hair you have??" and starts to speak Farsi. Mind you, I can understand them both since I speak the language {extremely unprofessional- regardless of the language}. I responded back with "no actually, Farrah was well aware of my hair length and I did not lie."

As Farrah continues to blowdry my hair, she does nothing but comment throughout about how frizzy my hair is, how it's going to take forever, and then asks "have you ever gone to a blowdry bar before? there are so many around here, they're great"- clearly insinuating that I should have gone there instead. Instead of me flipping out on her {at this point, I was absolutely FURIOUS with her rude comments being thrown at me left and right}, I kept my mouth shut. She then asks me "so the other places you've gone, how much did they charge you for all this hair of yours"- I replied "depends on who it is and my relationship with them, I have a lady I go to normally at Salon Lofts in Cascade Overlook who only charges me a flat rate of $42 for everything you're doing for me today- Farrah then laughs and tells me "next time maybe go to her then and definitely think about getting a keratin treatment for your hair.." I stopped and really was just thinking "is this lady serious??!"

A few minutes passby before she makes her next comment {she's now about halfway into drying my hair- and it's about 10:50am}- "my hand is killing me, haaha I think you gave me carpal tunnel!" I stopped and quickly said "Excuse me?? I'm sorry that your blowdryer isn't working well for you and you're not thrilled to be drying my hair right now. I've counted how many times its taken you to dry one strand of hair..that never happens to anyone else that does my hair for me- it shouldn't take you 10 times...maybe you need a stronger blowdryer instead of complaining to me that I'm giving you carpal tunnel- you're a hair dresser, you use your hands to do hair, please do not ever tell me I'm the reason for your wrists are hurting. I'm done sitting here and can leave now since all you've done the last hour is complain about my hair"- she then quickly replies with "no no dear, that's fine I'm going to finish but its just so much hair! At this rate, I was just waiting and praying for her to be done so I could leave the store.

I was absolutely embarrassed by her behavior. The entire time I was there, she complained so loudly that others could hear, she kept texting on her phone, kept taking phone calls every 20 minutes (seriously was interrupted by phone calls 2-3 times) and then speaking Farsi to the other hairdresser. She charged me $54 -conveniently she checked me out to pay; I gave her an $8 tip-should have been $0. GOD AWFUL!

I have now submitted 2 reviews (Yelp and Customer Service Survey Review) as well as complained via your 1-800 number and no one has gotten back to me. Trying to submit again on your portal for assistance.

Oct 10, 2018

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