Hair Clubthey don't tell you the truth!

The Hair Club in Milwaukee Wi is very dishonest . At your consultation they tell you you don't need to get plugs or surgery and that they will solve it and put your hair back and you will have full long hair again very fast. My next appointment there was a wig(matrix) hanging and I asked about it. She said that was my hair that was going to be blended in with my own hair. Next thing I know she is taping and gluing to my own hair. After two weeks of wearing it my head was completely red, Hurt, and it was pulling my hair. My next appointment they took it off and had it off for a few days so my redness will go away. A few days later they want to do shave the top of my head so the next one would not pull my hair or do that. So I agreed. Now I have a new one on and my Head itches, and hurts, and I have a headache daily. I drive three hours to go to this place.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Milwaukee, WI So I asked them after my year is up then what? Two women sat with me and both beat around the bush about their programs that they have and how much it will cost at $120 an hour or they have plans. Also that you can only get their shampoo or after that if you do have a plan with them. So now what? If I take this off I am shaved bald, and if I take it off a year from now when my plan is up I will have little itty-bitty spikes. Being a woman this is extremely devastated. I have talk to the manager many times. When I went in there I thought I was going to be having surgery and getting my hair to regrow. All I got was a $4600 wig, that you don't even get to keep. They tell you in your contract that you get 4 matrix... So when I asked about when they give me my new one about me keeping the old one they told me that I do not get to keep any of them except for the last one. What BS! Paying $4600 for what? I'm extremely disappointed and I would not suggest this company to anyone! People check out Bosley instead

Feb 08, 2016

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