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Dishonest. Did not refund money for products rendered before 3 days. Never used and advised everyone to not use them. Tried hair piece (wig) over weekend and Hair Club refused to accept rejection of product so I had to eventually pay total cost of $3000.00. The initial cost of $1000 was not refunded as mention in contract. By most state laws, a consumer can return product within 3 weeks. Not with "Hair Club".
Should be something to stop the Hair Club companies from dishonest practices. Hope someone files a civil suit on them and asked for everyone in the USA to joined in on the class action suit. Very dishonest employees and they know they are on the border line of laws of the State.

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  • Fe
      Dec 21, 2012

    Totally freaked out now! I have just received my bio-matrix today and after that, I was wisked into the consult room to disguse the maintenance plan, which was not explained to me in the beginning. When I had asked about the cost of maintaining the hair, the hairstylist said, the other associate with explain the package to you. Clearly, I am not in a financial position to pay such a large amount per month, equaling thousands by the end of the year. My husband is on pension and I will be retiring too without a pension within the next year. OMG, my husband also paid $1000.initally to get his hair too. There is no way both of us can afford to maintain our hair with their package prices. A-la-carte is expensive too. I literly felt sick to my stomach when I got in the car, because I knew I had to explain what the next step was going to be. I should of got a clue when the stylist was about to put the hair on my head and then realized she needed to color my hair because of the gray I had. Then after that, she put the hair on my head and proceeded to cut and blend it to my hair. I have quite curly hair and she had to perm the new hair first, but then she was grabbing and cutting the new hair like the movie "Edward Scissorhand" OMG!!! She then proceeded to dry and poof the hair to create a style. It looked somewhat o.k. considering I would have to get use to the look of having much fuller hair on the top of my head. The stylist seemed a bit disinterested in getting the style to look right. There were two class trophys on the table in her styling room, it said she had 20 yrs of outstanding service, HUMMMMMMM, REALLY! By the way she was cutting, it seemed like she got her licence out of a cracker jack box. I worked in a salon for 20 yrs as a cosmetologist and never seen hair being cut like that. So, now I have my follow-up visit tomorrow, now what!! My husband wants his $1000. dollars back. With all that I have read in many post now, it looks like I don't have a fat chance in hell that will happen. So, do I just wear the hair for awhile and then have them soak it off? Will it rip my original hair out? It is thin as it is. I'm feeling quite depressed right now. What a horrible mistake I've been dooped into, like many I've read about. I work with the public and now feel even more embarrassed than before.

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  • Ma
      Jan 14, 2014

    I agree with this comment in which they say that hopefully everybody files a civil suit. Maybe that will stop them from taking money from people through false promises. My life has been a nightmare ever since I went for their free consultation. I was told my hair would grow long and thick. They showed me pictures and asked how would you like wear your hair once it grows long (like if it would just be a matter to select w/ a magic wound?) They had me sign an application for financing and I thought what looked like a full page of small print regarding treatments and products. I never saw anything where I was approving payment. Four days later...What? That some Comenity Bank had paid them $3050.00 for the contract. I called bank - I called them no refund. They talked me into going for first appointment which I thought well they got paid might as well try it. The very first time I used their products and I noticed my hair real dry (bangs) a few days later my hair broke and fell off. Then I noticed a bald spot right above bang area. NOTE: I had gone to them to see if they could help me grow my hair in length. I did not have an issue w/ hair loss. It was it was the same length all the time. THEN to lose length! They refuse to refund. I reported it to Better Business Bureau. BBB took my report and forwarded to HAIR Club and asked them to and encourage complaints to be sent to BBB.

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  • Ge
      Apr 29, 2015

    I've spent thousands of dollars on Hair Club, and the only thing they gave me for all that money was a permanent scar. I wish some of us could band together with a lawsuit

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