H and Rtax preparation

I had my accounts prepared on 9th May 2017 in the Waltham office, River St,

a) I paid by credit card a sum of $592 although only $449 was itemized as Tax preparation in my 2016 accounts. Why is there this discrepancy?

Last year I paid in the region of $450, although only $371 was itemized in the accounts.

b) Why has there been an almost 30% increase in my tax preparation fees, although this years account are pretty similar to last years, and the year before. The preparation took less than an hour - so why this extraordinary amount ?

At this rate next year you will charge me over $700 which I am not prepared to pay.

I would appreciate a prompt reply. My email is [protected]

(Dr) Mari Fitzduff

My Soc Sec number is [protected] - feel free to use it to search your accounts.

May 11, 2017

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