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In 2012 I was approached by one of the gym company (Bree street johannesburg) guys and I agreed to join the company provided the guy with all my details and he provided me with the temporary access card and advise I can now go to the gym. As it was on wednesday I just decided I will start on monday.

On monday packed my gym bag and after work I went to the gym and when I got there provided the receptionist with my temporary access card. She checked on the system and advised that she cant find my name or details in the system, explained to her who helped me with the application and what I was told. She asked for my id number as the temporary card had the membership number and still they was no details of me been a member.

She then called the head office and still they couldn't get my name, left embarrassed and disappointed. No one called and they was not even any debit orders on my account. Now in 2016 I requested for my itc record to be send and they was gym company. Called them and spoke to the lady by the name of nomusa from gym company bree street who I told the story and she advised she is not sure the receptionist say that. And she advised she can only give me amnesty settlement as that is the only time they can remove the listing.

Since im in a process to buy a car I paid the amnesty settlement on the 25th november 2016 and I was told my credit report will be updated within 5 days. Tried to apply for a car finance and it was declined due to the default. Called gym company and spoke to nomusa on the 06th december 2016 asking her to confirm that request was send and that my credit record will be updated. Nomusa advised to give me a call back as she needs to call the head office and confirm and she will give me a call back. Waited for her call until I knocked off, today again I call her and she advise she is busy with an urgent request to itc requesting for the removal. Waited for her until I walked to the gym as its not far from my work and spoke to a very rude guy who advised that nomusa left and she is not the one sending requests and it will be done when its done.

Kindly assist me as im busy with the car finance, gym company really affected my life negatively now I cant get a car because they just went and listed me without even calling me to advise me of the debt. Since they knew they were on the wrong they just listed my credit record.

Dec 07, 2016
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      May 31, 2017

    Hi there, please drop me an email on [protected] if you would like to sign a petition. A lot of people are complaining about the same thing but does not want to take action against them

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