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Dear Management,

I am making a complaint regarding the poor customer service I have received from a staff member called Charlotte who is part of the customer service department of Gumtree.

I am a very unhappy Gumtree user.

I have been disputing a second refund from Gumtree for the past 2 weeks now.
I have been liaising with Charlotte however only be be let down and spoken to in a rude abrupt tone by this particular staff member.

Initially I was refunded for three advert posts, when this refunded was granted I attempted to submit two adverts again however I was then alerted that my account had be blocked.

I was entirely unaware of this and did not receive any emails from staff informing me of this, if I had known I would not have attempted to post two additional adverts.

I am due and amount of £30 pounds I have sent numerous emails to the team however Charlotte seems to be picking up all of my emails with no resolution of returning the money I spent.

I would like to move on from this and go back to happy advertising elsewhere, I have photographic proof of purchase via my bank and an ID number for one of the adverts

I would be more than grateful if someone in the management team can assist me with the obtaining the funds I have incurred.

Kind regards
Julianna Philips


Feb 13, 2019

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