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K Oct 18, 2017

I went to gulf station Terryville ct. on Friday 13th attempted to use card reader at pump, I was asked 3 times to retry then was told to see teller she said all readers were down so I went to another station on Monday I noticed they put a hold on my card for $74 each swipe total $222 but I didn't purchase anything my bank said they couldn't release the hold contact that owner he was unwilling to do that so I wrote a bad review on fb. gulf responded to that review by calling me mentally disabled, then wrote "because you did [censor] up [censor] in your past with your card you are [censor] clown" then cause that was a facebook review he got my phone number called me up and threatened my life telling me to take bad review down or he would send someone to me ... he continues to call an threaten me to point I have police involved his name I have learned is Ketan Patel he is the son of Terryville gulf lives in Newington and works at another gulf station ... I am thinking I will need a lawyer
Keith Dwy [protected] is my name

Gulf Oil
Gulf Oil

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