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Bought Groupon voucher for 8 O spa collagen face masks. Applied online in July to redeem them. Had to fill in complete membership form in order to get goods I had orderered (this wasn’t advertised as part of the deal). In addition I was offered eye masks which I also purchased. One month later, nothing, except virtually daily advertisements for ‘O spa’ specials but no vouchers. My daughter eventually contacted them and she too was coerced into completing the ‘O Spa’ membership form online.

Called them, nothing….. wrote to them…. nothing. Except now both myself and my daughter are indundated with ads from O Spa but still no goods that had been paid for three months ago. Got in touch with Groupon who also contacted them and was told ‘out of stock but will be supplying etc’. I told Groupon that I felt it was a scam merely to get email addresses and that I felt I would not get the goods and now I have received a notifiction and as I anticipated, the deal is closed and I will get my money back.

In the meantime, I am being bombarded with tons of other email rubish that has obviously come from the ‘O Spa’ salon selling on the list of email addresses. Groupon should insist that these emails are confidential and not for distributing to all and sundry. This is, I feel, a scam and whilst not perpetrated by Groupon, it is a slur on their product and I feel they should insist on the vouchers being honoured as the products were availabe when paid for also for the privacy of their clients to be honoured. Not impressed with this at all.


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