Greendotprepaid debit visa card green dot

Prepaid debit visa card [protected] [protected]
I bought a 140$ green dot debit visa card at Admiral gas station in Marysville mi 48040 on Gratiot Blvd 5-12-2018 have been trying to get money from card since have receipt proof of purchase from bank on printed form copy of s. s card copy of licence copy of address copy of card front and back name phone number my birthdate everything asked for proof money still on card. Cant access money still try to send copies to [protected] can't access site denied reference number [protected] to be put under subject excess denied. Cant send them another copy said didn't receive first copies I sent on 14th. My phone was not activated so borrowed a phone from x friend took all pictures to send on his phone sent to correct place his phone died could not erase my info from his phone now he has all my info screwed by greendot admiral gas station where card bought. Now my info us out there great company

  • Updated by Dee Anna Melik, May 30, 2018

    I bought an 140$ greendot pre-paid visa debt card [protected] I have been trying to get the money every since then have tried to do everything asked for sent allinfo on 12-14-2018 from a differnt phone mine was shut off borrowrd a phone from an x-friend now took pictures of s. S number. Copy of drivers licence. Proof of address. Date if birth. Copy of card front and back. Copy of reciet. Reference number sent to company [protected] His phone died couldn't erace my info now he has all my info went back to store where purchased. Was told to get proof card was paid for evev though we had there reciet got proof from bank on copied paper. Went back to store said great I will take care of this by manager tried said 140$ still on card. Manager was denied help to us. Was told to resend info tried denied excess to website download now cant resend info now my info out there again. Had to disabled other accounts to protect myself now lost all contact with family had to change my phone number lost there numbers can't get them back. Greendot. Admiral gas station in marysville mi gratiot blvd still has o my money no help from anyone please help me I just want my money no more no kess 149$ please

May 30, 2018

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