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Greendot And Wal Mart / Money Pack Robbery

1 Rio Grande, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7406458299

I had purchased 6 Money Packs at one time. Each Money Pack had $995 dollars for a total of $5970.00. I purchased them at Wal Mart and went to load one and was successful. Then I tried to load the others and they all was Blocked. Now I paid to load these in cash for a total of $4975.00 for the 5 that would not work. It was crucial to get this money loaded to cards right away for business purposes but I was unable to. I called and spoke with GreenDot and they verified that yes the cards where loaded with $995 in cash each but there was a block on each card. I asked to be put on with a manager of Loss Management and when I spoke to them they told me I was out of luck that I would have to fax the receipts to them for verification of load "FROM WAL MART" ok well that would have been fine then he said no I would have to wait for 8 hours before I was able to get my $4975.00. This is so much garbage they advertise a service with Wal Mart guaranteed to Load right away and you must use cash but when all the proper steps are taken you still get taken advantage of and basically GreenDot gets to house my money until they feel they have satisfied there needs but the advertisements say it is safe and secure and guaranteed well guess what in laymens terms we call this fauls advertisment and in other terms well you know. I lost out on the Purchase of a Vehicle that was crucial to have for my business the owner sold it to another buyer b ecause I was made to wait to get my money out of GreenDots pocket. I am going to seek and I ask for any help in any guidance to making sure GreenDot suffers a loss as I did. I worked hard to locate the vehicle and I was very successful then when I needed to get money from one state to another by loading it on GREENDOT Cards I lost the deal of a lifetime a $10.000 dollar Vehicle for half price the guy needed the cash right then to keep from the bank taking the truck so he was only asking what was owed, but again GREENDOT REALLY DROPPED THE BALL.

Greendot And Wal Mart

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