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Green Mountain / Terrible service

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Before I begin this story, let my start off by thanking my mom for preparing me for times like this. My story is a sad one it starts off with me and my girlfriend living in a one bedroom apartment. Because I was having money problems and trying to rob Peter to pay Paul my creditors were demanding payment. Like any other blue collar family me being the man of the house it was my job to make sure these creditors got paid.

I was instructed by Green Mountain customer service that my account had to be paid at a payment location instead of over the phone. I must admit I had written two checks that did not clear this was my fault and I take full responsibility for it. After, about three months my girl friend had to pay the bill at a location known as Ace Check Cashing. Ace would take the payment and report to Greenmountain the bill was paid.

For about three months this system worked until November 04, 2008. My girlfreind paid our electric bill on time as usally. When we arrived to our apartment on November 12, 2008 we were shocked to find our lights were disconnected.

The first thing we did try to call the Green Mountain, It was past 8pm so the company was closed. The automated service said to call a different number after hours. I called the after hours number and was told my lights were turned off because of none payment.

I turned to my girlfriend and could not believe she did not pay this bill. I was in the middle of getting visitation of my child's for the holidays and all I could think about is what if this would have happen while my kids where here.

After, I took a walk my girlfriend showed me the receipt were she had paid the bill on November 04, 2008. The bill was paid and there was a balance that was not due until November 11, 2008. i waited until the next day to call the light company after sleeping my home and it was 42 degrees that night.

When I made it to work my girlfriend called me she said Green Mountain Had said the payment was not received and in order to get the lights turned on we had to pay another $154.00 dollars plus a re connect fee of up to $200.00 dollars.

I decided to call the company Green Mountain myself I spoke to and Manager she said that her company did not get the payment info from Ace so I had to pay all these fees. I was outraged because we had paid the bill. I told them ok and when I returned home that afternoon my lights where still off.

I know there are families out there who have issues worst than the one me and my family experience but who has the right to make any family suffer. It is time to make these big companies out there realize there are families who live from check to check and when they have to start wondering about the companies who promise to be understanding and ethical this country is in store for a major downfall.

When we complained we were told be Green Mountain it was Ace fault And Ace said it was Green Mountain fault.


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