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Complaints & Reviews

signed me up for service after I had already called to cancel it

This company came to my residence to offer their services, which I accepted at first. But, after going online & seeing how they operate & swindle their customers, I called back the same day and told the guy named "Dalwayne Howard" phone# [protected] an african american who is one of their reps, to cancel it. He Said "OK, fine that's not a problem I haven't even put it through the system yet. Fast forward to 2 months ahead & I get this charge on my bill telling me that my service has been switched. I immediately call "Dalwayne" to tell him that what he did was foul & criticized his deceptive business practices. He got extremely irate & said he had all my information & he was gonna come "[censored] Me Up", to which I responded "What???, well do what you gotta do", & then I hung up the phone called the company to fix his problem & file a complaint.
DON'T SWITCH OVER TO THIS COMPANY OR GIVE THEM PERSONAL INFORMATION WHATEVER YOU DO!!! They are a very shady company & this worker showed that VERY clearly. I have viewed many complaints about them & the hype about them is true. Not a good option for a natural resource alternative energy. The only "Green" they are after is YOUR'S in your pockets & bank account. They'll do or say ANYTHING to get you to sign up & take your money which they get much more of in the long run than your current provider. There is no real savings in the long run. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR ###!!! Save yourself the extra stress & headaches & stay with your current energy provider. These people ARE NOT who you want to switch over to.<----VERY REAL & TRUE TESTIMONY GIVEN HERE<---- I hope my complaint does not fall on deaf ears & more situations with them are avoided for other would be customers in the future.

  • Gr
    GreenMtnEnergy Apr 03, 2013

    We sincerely apologize for this experience, and we take issues such as this extremely seriously. I do show that you have since spoken to our Customer Care team to report your complaint. They were able to submit a request to cancel your service as well as file a formal complaint against the sales agent. As a result, the agent was removed from the program. Our Quality team did try to reach out to you but was unsuccessful. If you would like to provide additional feedback or details, please e-mail [email protected], and we will be happy to reach out to you again.

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  • Fc
    F*ckGreenMountain Apr 10, 2013

    I keep on getting letters that the service will take effect on 4/26/13. I called ONCE AGAIN to cancel this BS! I hope that now they finally cancel this crap, Do I have to call them every month to cancel or what??? WTF is going on??? Maybe third times a charm. I'm very extremely pleased to hear that that sorry ### loser of a an employee is gone. Dalwayne Howard better not EVER, EVER set foot near me & my family. I take his threats VERY seriously & have put up surveillance cameras in case he comes around trying to harm someone, myself included . I shouldn't have to be threatened by some sucker who's trying to take advantage of me by using personal information. I know not to take him lightly, & a threat to me or my family will be dealt with accordingly. He needs to STAY AWAY from me & my family. For everyone's good, his own included. At least he no longer is part of your company. That brings me some relief that something is indeed being done to curb problematic individuals such as himself. He doesn't deserve to EVER work again for your company, or ANYONE else in my opinion. I've never experienced such a display of what a pathetic, lowlife ### a person can be, until I met Dalwayne Howard that is. What a POS human & silly sales rep he truly was. Glad to hear that he is gone for good. Amen!

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deceptive practices

I was approached by Tony with Green Mountain Energy at a local grocery store. He obtained some information from me and gave me his cell phone number so my husband could call him to get more information about the company and possibly switch to their services. I repeatedly asked if our service would be switched and Tony assured me he wouldn't do anything until he spoke with my husband.
Well, guess what? We got a letter about a week later saying our service was changed. I'm not on the current TXU account, but they switched the service to Green Mountain without my husband's consent.
I'm sure they're a great company - glad that there's a more 'green' company out there, but their deception has changed my mind about it.

  • Gr
    GreenMtnEnergy Mar 01, 2013

    I'm very sorry to hear that you had a less than acceptable experience with a Green Mountain representative. We strive to ensure that our agents are transparent about the sign up process, and it's disappointing that you were left with a different impression. We take issues such as this very seriously, and we would like the chance to make this right. If you could contact me at [email protected] and provide the full agent name and ID number, we would very much appreciate the opportunity to investigate further.

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misrepresented rate and terms

We received a group of Solicitors at our door marketing Green Mountain Energy. They asked us if we would switch to cleaner Energy company which would save the environment and also save us money per month as well. Their sales representatives said we could lock in a rate of 5.5 cents per KWH, and that we would have no energy delivery fee which is routinely charged by standard oil and gas electric companies out there. On top of saving around 50 dollars per month since we would no longer be charged the conneciton fee, he also stated that our area was also authorized a special promotion allowing a 33% military discount.
We agreed to apply to switch and he called in their main office, gave all our information and confirmed verbally with the sales reps on the phone that we were locking in the 5.5 rate and the military discount. A couple of weeks go by and we get our first bill that covers 7 days. Ofcourse, it shows us paying an average of 10 cents per KWH and were charged 30 dollars for our first bill spanning 6 days. We normally pay 110 per month to a standard electric company which includes their connection/delivery fee that averages 50 dollars.
We call the 1800 number and ofcourse they have no clue what we were told and agree to take down a formal complaint about the salesperson that gave us bad information. They are saying 10 cents is the cheapest rate they can offer, and they have no clue why the sales reps going door to door are flat out lying about the price they can offer. It seems like they offered rock bottom prices just to lure us away from our current electric company in hopes we would stay. I am definitely going to switch back to our previous electric company and hopefully see what deal can be made to cover the current bill.

  • Gr
    GreenMtnEnergy Mar 01, 2013

    I’m sorry that you had this experience with one of our representatives. The enrollment form that you signed should have listed the rate that you selected. We currently do not have any rate plans at 5.5 cents, and we unfortunately do not have any type of military discount. We strive to make sure that our agents are up front and honest when enrolling customers, and we take issues such as this extremely seriously. If you could contact me at [email protected] and provide the full agent name and ID number, we would very much appreciate the opportunity to investigate further.

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auto draft and refund

On January 29, 2013 Green Mountain Energy drafted my bank account twice through the auto pay system due to their "system error". GME failed to notify their consumers. I made contact with the company on January 31, 2013 and informed them of the situation and requested for them to reverse the amount that was drafted incorrectly into my bank account to avoid my bank account to go into a negative status/overdraft, as I had other bills that needed to be paid. I contacted them on January 31, 2013 and every day after that. The response I received from the company was that I needed to contact Bill Matrix- the department that handles the auto pay. I have been transferred back and forth like a ping pong ball from bill matrix to customer service and they both stated that they could not reverse the amount that they "in error" drafted from my bank account. Karon from GME Corporate Office left me a voice mail on 02/07/2013 claiming that she made the reverse, however when I look at the bank account there is not a pending transaction for such reverse payment as of today 02/11/2013 at 2:18 PM. I only see the overdraft fee that was caused due to that double draft. GME has taken more than approximately two weeks and still I have not received my money, which enables me to continue with my other payments and personal expenses for my family. Attached please find the double draft on my bank account on the last page transaction date 01/29/2013.

  • Gr
    GreenMtnEnergy Mar 01, 2013

    We very much apologize for the issue with auto pay on your account. I show that we have communicated with you directly to resolve the problem, and your account has been credited back for the payment amount. Again, we are sincerely sorry for the account issue, and we appreciate your patience as we resolved this matter.

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changed us company w/o permission

was approached at my home by a green mountain energy representative I was asked if we wanted to switch to green mountain we said no. next next thing we know we received a letter in the mail stating a change will take place within the following 7 days letter was all in spanish which we don't even speak I called green mountain to file a complaint an assistant was very rude... I had them sent me a copy of our signature which we filed with the police department and our signature had been forged. beware any green mountain energy representatives..

  • Gm
    GMECTracey Jul 31, 2012

    I sincerely apologize for any issues that your family has experienced with Green Mountain. Without knowing the account number, I'm unable to speak to any specifics around resolving your concerns. If you would like to e-mail me directly at [email protected] with the account number or a contact phone number, I would be more than happy to assist you. If you prefer to discuss over the phone you can reach me at 1-888-380-9410 X6336

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  • Te
    TESFAY Aug 04, 2012

    Yes, the same thing happened to my family too. I just got a letter from green mountain energy on 7/24/12 that my service will be switched to green mountain in 1 week. I called the customer service, she ask me my birthday and the last 4 digits my SS#, my wife birthday, and she said nothing is matching. then I ask her why do you guys switch me and gave me a new account # how the world this can happen? my wife she did not signed any papers, and I was at work I didn't sign. She don't have no answer, then I told her don't switch me and she said since my birthday is not matching she can not help. she said call your current provider. I called TXU and they said they can not see any change request but no one can switch me without my permiSSion. but now I recieved a final bill from TXU on 8/4/12. check it out this illegal doers and thieves green mountain Reps.they are after thier commision even if they have to invade others will. I need your help. I want to file a complain to PUC. this guys are looking to victimize esp. those people English as their second language. This is Scam. I want to see this stopped. I am going to request the copy I signed and take them to the court.

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poor service

Customer service did not cancel service. I called a month in advance to notify them when I needed to cancel service. Just recently received a bill in the mail. It has been two months since I called Green Mountain and they were very quick to claim that I never called to cancel service. Then I submitted a claim to their corporate office. A week later they call to notify me since they have no proof that I called they cannot help me out. I asked if human error could be the reason for not putting my order through the computer. They told me yes. They are complete idiots. Do not use this service.

I am never giving gme another look back

Just spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with the company.

Been with them for several years and never really had any problems. Sure, we've had a few "lates" but nothing like the past two years while we have been small on funds (who hasn't been in this economy).

But, in May, due to a clerical error, when I made a payment online, the payment was "returned". I even called to let them know that I'd made the error, and sent in a second payment.

Well, don't make clerical errors with GME! They turn off your ability to pay online if you have any funds returned for any reason. BUT they did not tell me that I had to make any and all further payments to them at an authorized payment center. On top of that, they didn't tell me that I had to make all payments in the form of CASHier's check or CASH order for the next year either!

SO, when I chose to make them "pay monthly" through my bank, I didn't reckon anything about it. UNTIL…

I made the payment, a sum that included past due charges, last night. This morning, I get my mail, and there's a notice from them saying that I had a discconnect notice that had to be answered YESTERDAY!!! I call to see if they've gotten my payment, which I quickly realized they didn't get.

THAT is when I found out that I HAD to make the payment YESTERDAY before 8 pm, AND IN a CASHIER'S CHECK!!!

The "customer service executive" should not be making anything more than minimum wage. Their hands are tied so that the only things they can do is tell you why you cannot make a payment on line, that their website is not an "up to the minute" website. They cannot stop a turn off notice, they cannot let you speak with a manager, they cannot note the account that you have tried and are trying to make a payment…

2 and half hours it took before we finally got somewhere. Someone (finally claimed to be a manager – and I have to say she was honestly pleasant) FINALLY said they could and would cancel the disconnection notice, and "flip" the account to accept the payment that my bank had already pulled funds to pay. But, she could not reverse the CASHier's check or CASH order requirement for the next year.

IF I HADN'T JUST signed up for another year with a huge penalty for cancelling the contract, I wouldn't do business with GME any more. Next year, I plot on changing companies, and NEVER giving GME another look back.

  • Gm
    GMECTracey Sep 20, 2011

    I work at Green Mountain HQ. I would love to speak to you about your concerns. Please call me at 1-888-380-9410 X6336. Thank you! Tracey Adams

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billing/customer service

Horrible customer service. I called on 8/25/11 to inquire why I was being charged for electricity that we had cancelled on 7/15/11 when we moved. I was told it would be resolved. Then, yesterday on 9/8/11, I see a charge taken out of my bank account AGAIN from Green Mountain. So I called, and after 30 minutes of being on hold, was told that one of the employees made an error. They said that they couldn't credit it back to my bank account, and that a refund in the form of a check would need to be processed which would take two weeks and then it would need to be mailed. Well, if they took the money out of my account with no hesitation, you would think that they could click a button and put it back in like every other company. As fun as it is to pay electricity for two homes, it's not really feasible for us. I find it amazing that they can't help their customers resolve simple billing issues in a timely manner. I will no longer be supporting this company, and I suggest whoever may read this that you do the same.

  • Gm
    GMECTracey Sep 12, 2011

    I work for Green Mountain Energy Company and would be happy to look into your issue and will help resolve the issue promptly. You can email me at [email protected] or call 1-888-380-9410 X6336

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Hands down the worst billing service ever. I live in a loft apartment and was charged $700 last month for every bill I have already paid. Went through a month of arguing that a 1 bedroom apartment could NEVER use that much electricity until they finally agreed and brought it down to $200 (Still not right, but I was tired of dealing with them). Just now, I tried to log in to the website tonight to pay my most recent bill and magically the whole website was down and wouldn't pull up. Tried to access the website from 2 iPhones and 3 different computers from different servers and it's still not coming up. This energy company is a JOKE and no one should EVER use them.

disconnected us for no reason and left us and our kids in the cold!!!

We went out of town for two weeks prior to the two weeks my husband called the electric company to find out about our bill, ect. We went on vacation and couple days later our service was disconnected, which we were not late. We paid the bill and called them to find out out electric had been some how switched to another electric company. doesnt make sense when we did no such thing. they said that they recieved a letter saying some other company was taking over our energy needs. Which we did no such thing and they did with out confirming with us! Leaving us in 40 degree weather with our two small children all day. Then we tried to get someone t come out the same day to reconnect, since this was something that was NOT our fault and they said there was nothing they could do till the next day! They were rude and told us we should tuff it out! And if we need a warm place to stay we could stay at a shelter! So we had no electric for 24 hours, i couldnt cook dinner for my family and not to mention it was 30 degrees over night. The system the have is bull, the people they have working for them are isiots and they really need to figure out how to run a business!

  • Ho
    Homegrowntexan Jun 30, 2011

    This complaint shows that the person is not very intelligent and didn't do their homework. The electric industry is 95% computer and 5% human. Once the application is accepted the process is run by computers. There is no check and balances to see if all the information the customer is given is correct and accuratic. Inadvertent switches is the fault of the customer that is moving in or switching providers. True the person that has their provider switched is the one that gets hit the hardest. The provider is not at fault. And the timeframe to restore power is dictated by the TDSP. All providers are subject to the TDSP timesframes. In Texas, which is deregulated, customers have to deal with two companies for their electrical service. The company that generates the electricity, this is the company that bills you, if you didn't know and the second company that delivers the electricity to your home or office, these are the companies that own the meters and lines.

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  • Wn
    WNL Aug 12, 2011

    Yes, you are so right. I am constantly amazed how uninformed some people are, and yet they claim to actually have an opinion!! You know, the three sides to every story!!

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  • Wn
    WNL Aug 12, 2011

    There are three sided to every story, Our story, Their story and the Truth!!! Uninformed people really are begining to irritate me!!! Ignorance is not bliss, it is "embarrissin"!!!

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  • La
    lawyerGraham Sep 26, 2011

    The complaint stated that she did NOT authorize a transfer so the electric company is at fault. especially if the account is current. People should READ more carefully

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billing/meter issues

As of January 01, 2011, my electric meter, along with several others in my neighborhood, had been missing it...

billing on closed account

Two years ago we ordered our service cancelled and account closed the day we moved from our apartment into our duplex because we decided to switch our service to TXU. When we cancelled our service with GM we had a balance due of about $350 which we were prepared to make payments on. A month after moving to our new place we received a collections notice from Credit Systems International (CSI) for an outstanding balance of over $950!!! When trying to contact customer service about it I got lost in the voicemail labyrinth and just gave up, willing to take the hit on my credit report. That was until now, when I've just received a phone call from June West at CSI who proceeded to try to scare me into paying this so-called debt, as well as berate me for not taking her repeated calls in the past (they total one a day, at least). I have now constructed a buzz-off letter which is found on Ben Dover's website regarding consumer rights and will make sure everyone I know is aware of the unethical and immoral business practices Green Mountain employs on a daily basis. It is unbelievable to me that this and other large utility companies are allowed to treat people the way they do. When are we as consumers going to yell loud enough to be heard to make a difference? When are we going to finally just get sick of it all and bring companies like these down?!

  • Gm
    GMECTracey Feb 04, 2011

    I work for Green Mountain Energy Company and would be happy to look into the issue for you. You can reach me 1-888-380-9410 X6336. Thank you! Tracey Adams

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poor customer service

Just spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with this company. Been with them for several years and never...

rip off / f.o. s.

i just can not believe it.. we are only 2 adults and 2 babys in a 1 single house, we had direct eneggy for a while and we decided to switch to Green mountain energy since alot of people talk to us about how cheap and good service they had.. that;s bunch of [protected]@$&T.Our first bill was 96dollars and now its 280.00 dollars for 1 freakin month that is so crazy. and we call customer support and all they said am sorry that u are upset but you have to pay the bill.. i mean dam shi t, u guys need to either train your employee to read the meter right or something because that is extremely high as hell.. we are even not in house that much, plus we don';t even use our a/c we use dam fans.. so please a manager or someone please call me so we can take care of this, i have been on the line on HOLD FOR THE PAST 20 MINUTES..

  • Ma
    MarkJones3000 Nov 14, 2009

    I can understand how mad you would be, so would I with that big of a jump, but your electric company doesn't read your meter, it's the wires company that does it for all residents in your area. They own and maintain the delivery of the electricity, including the meter reading. Didn't Green Mountain tell you that? They have no control over what the wire's company (in Houston we have Centerpoint) reads or reports. Did you talk to your wires company about it?

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  • Je
    j elizabeth Feb 03, 2010

    $96 isn't much for 3 people, especially if you aren't consistent about turning off all lights, etc.

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rip off!

I have been with Green Mountain for the last 4 years and today my bill inexplicably DOUBLED. When I called to get it taken care of they told me that not only have they been "estimating" what my bill is each month, but that there is nothing they can do and that I would have to pay it. When I told them I wanted proof of these charges they told me there was nothing they could do. I told them that I would switch to Reliant if this was not resolved and they could not have cared less. So I switched to reliant today and did some digging, came across this:

and found out all sorts of other fun facts about Green Mountain. They are HORRIBLE! RUN AWAY!

incorrect billing

I signed up for Green Mountain Energy because I wanted to help the green power movement. This was before I...

dishonest billing practices

I was a Reliant Customer for years, but switched about a year ago to Green Mountain Energy soley because it is 100% renewable and I felt I needed to do my part for the environment, even though they were a bit more expensive.

After 9 months with them, I noticed my bill had really increased (in the winter...when my electric bill is usually lower). So I started studying all of my bills. The reason for the increase was that they increased my kw/H charge..really hiked it. But per my contract, they can do that. But what I found that was really disturbing was I was charged late fees on 3 of my 9 bills. I'm never late with bills! I do online banking and my bank guarantees the merchant will have the payment by the due date input by me and I always put the due date or the day before.

So, I called them to see when they had received these 3 "late" payments (they don't put that information on your invoice like most companies) and they kinda hide the fact they you were even assessed a late fee...I think they don't want you to notice...just like I didn't until I studied them. Turns out that they did receive each of these 3 payments on their due dates, but received them after 11 am, so they didn't post until the next day and hence they consider them late.

I questioned how they can be late if they are received ON the due date. It's just how their receiving department works...if they don't make it in the morning "batch" to be posted, then they make it in the evening one which doesn't actually post it in their system until the next day (1-2 am the next day). I told them this wasn't right, that they need to tell their customers that (i.e. tell them that they will be assessed a late fee if it is not received by 11 am on the due honest with them). They refused to change anything even after I told them I'd report these dishonest practices to the BBB.

So, I ended up having to report them to the BBB. The resolution I requested was to have them either change their posting system to not assess late fees if it came in on the due date OR to let customers know that they will be charged a late fee if received after 11 am on the due date. Green Mountain responded simply that they are allowed by law to assess late fees. So basically they didn't address the issue at hand. So I responded (via the BBB process) that they did not address my issue. My issue is not with them assessing late fees, but that they do it when the payment was not late. Green Mountain's response was that their position remains the same (i.e. they are not going to be honest with their customers).

So I wanted to warn consumers out there about this. My feeling is that if you cannot trust a company to be honest, even with the things customers can see, how can you trust them with things that you cannot see (i.e. is their energy really 100% renewable)? We have no way of knowing...and frankly I don't trust them to do the right thing based on my experience with them.

So, I've looked on the internet for other electrical provider options. Turns out there are plenty! People (like me) think that Green Mountain is the only option if you want all green (renewable) energy. But wow, there are many others who offer 100% renewal and most of them are cheaper! There are all sorts of things to compare (locked in rates for 12 months or 18, etc). I found a great deal and have switched. It was so easy. Not only will I be paying less, I can remain green without paying a company who is conciously deciding to partake in dishonest business practices.

If you want to see the other options, there are many websites (google with the words energy company texas). One that is really insightful is Read all about it and compare companies and their rates. There are programs within most companies that are 100% renewable.

Good luck, and please join me in not giving dishonest companies our business.

  • Bi
    BillWilliam Feb 28, 2009

    If your bank did not make the payment on time the statement "I'm never late with bills! I do online banking and my bank guarantees the merchant will have the payment by the due date input by me and I always put the due date or the day before." Then your disagreement is with your bank. While I think GM is being picky all businesses have to have some exact time when a bill due is on time or late. If it was your choice to make the payment at the last second, as it appears, then you ran the risk of being late sometimes.

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  • Ap
    AP87 Feb 17, 2010

    You know that they use the same energy as reliant, right? Nothing renewable about. All they do is hike the $/kwh because it is "green".

    If you would have set up an EFT with GM all of your bills would have been on time.

    Oh well.

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  • Da
    Dan Nov 16, 2010

    The SCAM is the 100% Renewable Energy. They might generate wind power. But they dump into the grid to the main power station. Wind power and Solar are only 17% of total grid. So your still getting 83% Coal/Natural Gas Powered Electric. The scam is they make it sound like your power is 100% Wind or GREEN. Its not its marketing scam that plays on peoples Ignorance. Also what happens when the wind isn't blowing? One sales rep told me not to mention nationwide usage only talk the area we live in. That was his response to my statement that they'd have to cover all of Connecticut with windmills shoulder to shoulder to power NEW YORK City. I said we would all have to windmills in our yards. Everything goes into the, The grid pushes power across state lines. They lie with the deceptive sales practices.

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  • Sa
    savethepenguins Dec 21, 2011

    Actually, I work for Green Mountain Energy. It's not a scam. Sure, our electricity goes into the whole grid, but by doing that, it replaces electricity made by the polluting factories. It OFF-SETS about 400 pounds of carbon dioxide in the air in a year, just from one customer. The Empire State Building is powered with GME, and they, alone, off-set millions of pounds of carbon dioxide. So you probably had an idiot that came to your door and explained it to you improperly. But don't call this company a scam. I know for a fact, it is not. ALL of the energy produced goes into the grid.. but by you buying GME energy... it puts that much more cleaner energy, into the grid.

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Worst customer service ever! They are just a shadow company and at the mercy of reliant to do anything. I...

terrible service

Before I begin this story, let my start off by thanking my mom for preparing me for times like this. My story is a sad one it starts off with me and my girlfriend living in a one bedroom apartment. Because I was having money problems and trying to rob Peter to pay Paul my creditors were demanding payment. Like any other blue collar family me being the man of the house it was my job to make sure these creditors got paid.

I was instructed by Green Mountain customer service that my account had to be paid at a payment location instead of over the phone. I must admit I had written two checks that did not clear this was my fault and I take full responsibility for it. After, about three months my girl friend had to pay the bill at a location known as Ace Check Cashing. Ace would take the payment and report to Greenmountain the bill was paid.

For about three months this system worked until November 04, 2008. My girlfreind paid our electric bill on time as usally. When we arrived to our apartment on November 12, 2008 we were shocked to find our lights were disconnected.

The first thing we did try to call the Green Mountain, It was past 8pm so the company was closed. The automated service said to call a different number after hours. I called the after hours number and was told my lights were turned off because of none payment.

I turned to my girlfriend and could not believe she did not pay this bill. I was in the middle of getting visitation of my child's for the holidays and all I could think about is what if this would have happen while my kids where here.

After, I took a walk my girlfriend showed me the receipt were she had paid the bill on November 04, 2008. The bill was paid and there was a balance that was not due until November 11, 2008. i waited until the next day to call the light company after sleeping my home and it was 42 degrees that night.

When I made it to work my girlfriend called me she said Green Mountain Had said the payment was not received and in order to get the lights turned on we had to pay another $154.00 dollars plus a re connect fee of up to $200.00 dollars.

I decided to call the company Green Mountain myself I spoke to and Manager she said that her company did not get the payment info from Ace so I had to pay all these fees. I was outraged because we had paid the bill. I told them ok and when I returned home that afternoon my lights where still off.

I know there are families out there who have issues worst than the one me and my family experience but who has the right to make any family suffer. It is time to make these big companies out there realize there are families who live from check to check and when they have to start wondering about the companies who promise to be understanding and ethical this country is in store for a major downfall.

When we complained we were told be Green Mountain it was Ace fault And Ace said it was Green Mountain fault.

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