Green Dot / walmart prepaid card

I have a Walmart prepaid money card I went on the website and personalized my card. I had my taxes sent to the card on 02/22/2017. When I personalized my card they sent me a whole new account which I did not know. I contacted them because it would not let me access my funds. They told me it is two different accounts I asked how that happened they could not tell me I said okay, transfer the money from that account into the other account. We can't do that we will have to send you a new card in ten days. I asked to speak to a supervisor they said I had to have a valid reason to speak to a supervisor after being put on hold for 30 minutes the supervisor got on the phone and promptly hung up on me. I called back and requested a supervisor again was put on hold for another half hour. I was then told that I could pay my bills out of the account but I could not get cash from the account. Then Kae the supervisor asked me well what do you need the money for? I told her it was none of her business I asked to close my account was told I could not close my account without waiting for a refund check for two weeks. I called Walmart, Visa, and Green Dot Bank at green dot I spoke with a condescending man the only thing he would give me was his name is David. He told me it was my fault the accounts were messed up and he would get me a card in three days he could not and would not tell me why they could not transfer it to the card I upgraded to.

They would not help me they wanted to know what I wanted to spend my money on this money was to make it to where I could give my sons a good birthday and to give my family a little financial freedom since my son shot himself in the head in January of 2016.I want an apology from the company for making me stress out when I have enough stress in my life.I want 1000.00 for my two sons having to cancel their birthday party. I missed 4 hours of work.

When I turned them into the better business they lied all the way thru their response and think 100.00 and sorry is enough. Well its not

Mar 13, 2017

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