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I purchased a green dot card to pay a bill. I had one previously but was unable to find it, . When I purchased the card, it was not until after I got home did I notice the store did not charge me for fee for the card of $495. When I went to register the card on line they would not do so. They told me that I would receive a refund in 10 days. So I went the following day and made sure the 4.95 was charged and figured there should be no problem with registering a new card. When I went to register the second card I had the same response. I did ask for a refund of this card because I knew it would be a 10 day wait and I could not wait 10days for a second check of 140.
I phoned the company the next morning and asked them to issue me a card that I could access or transfer the payment of 140 to her account so I could use one of the two purchases that I made to pay a bill that was due. Well after and hour on the phone, one lie after another, first they were going to make sure I could access the funds., then he said they already sent one of the checks but would speed up the processing of them both and make sure I got the money asap. Well if they already processed the first refund how the heck can they " speed up the delivery of it. Another lie. Bottom Line don;t deal with these people, they sit on your money drawing interest and don't back up their promises. I still don't know why they would not issue the card to begin with

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      4th of May, 2012

    Federal law requires us to obtain, verify and record information that identifies customers before they register a card. This includes your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number and other information. If we are unable to verify your information or the information you provided matches information to an account with previous negative history, we would not be able to register a personalized reloadable debit card. As a courtesy we will sometimes expedite a refund check. This would need to be done when we send the check and apologize if you were told it was expedited after it was sent. If you have any questions regarding the status of your refund, we ask that you contact customer support.

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      30th of Oct, 2012

    Green dot does suck they do sit on your money and get interest on 100; and thousands of people

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      1st of Feb, 2013

    Dear Green Dot Corp,
    You are so full of it. I have been dealing with getting a refund for over a month. I have called 6 times and have received 6 different stories (lies). The latest was the best, I have to admit. I come from a banking/accounting background and I know for a fact the lie you told me cannot happen.
    I was told on my last call to you that someone from corporate would be calling me, bis shocker...NEVER got the call.
    I have filed a complaint with the BBB and have contacted a very dear friend that happens to work for a local and well respect News station, guess what he does? He investigates consumer know what you do to people everyday.
    It was interesting how many claims there was against you already to the BBB.
    I told the last liar on the phone that I spoke with who was supposedly a site manager...yeah right! that I will not stop calling until my money is refunded. I will call every single day, possible multiple times a day. I will expose you for the lying, thieving ### that you are.
    You have messed with the wrong person.
    I have researched your company and I was appalled at the many websites of complaints and all the money you have stolen.

    My next move is a lawyer, Not just for me, but I will pursue a class action lawsuit. I have several calls in to the most ruthless lawyers I can find.

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