Green Dot Grant Program / check scam

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My wife received one of these scam checks in the mail for 958.22. The attached letter sent by a "Linda Spaulding" promised that my wife had been selected to receive a $10, 000 cash grant. This "Linda Spaulding" claims to be at the "Green Dot Grant Program" After checking around and doing some investigating online and finding this site. It is clear this is a BIG FAT SCAM. BE WARNED YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET A GRANT OF ANY KIND THAT YOU DID NOT PROPERLY APPLY FOR!!!

The old saying "If it sounds to good to be true it probably is" was right in this case. What burns me is there are a lot of folks my wife and I included that could actually use money like this, and by the grace of God we did not get burned. DONT BE A VICTIM. The letter and check LOOK and SOUND legit, but it is a SCAM.

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      Dec 23, 2010

    This is the second check I have received in 2 years and the first time I got lucky. I happened to stop a police officer and asked him if the check was legit and he told me if I went to the bank to cash it I could possibly be arrested for trying to cash a bad check. Everyone please beware, right now I believe we are all seeing or experiencing hard times! These checks always come when money is very short, but trust in God and he will help you out of any bad situation.

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