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Green Dot Moneypakunable to fund paypal


Purchased two Green Dot MoneyPak cards on October 27, 2009 in order to fund my PayPal account as advertised. I was charged $4.95 for each card and loaded $100 on one card, $600 on the other card. I have the receipt from the merchant (CVS) showing that they activated the cards.

I returned home and followed the directions for funding my PayPal account with the MoneyPak cards. I was asked to enter my name, social security number and some other information. I scratched off the silver spot on the back of the first card and entered the number as requested by the PayPal site. The amount of the card came up, which was correct. But when I click "fund", I get an error saying "Paypal has declined this transaction. Please contact Paypal for assistance". This happened with the second card as well.

So I called Paypal and was asked to go through the entire procedure again while on the phone with them. Same error message. Transferred to a supervisor. Same thing. The supervisor told me this is a "known issue" and that Paypal is working on it and that I should try going through the MoneyPak website and seeing if that worked. Same error message. She then told me that Paypal is "working on the problem" and that it would be resolved at the end of the week. I tried again on Friday, same exact problem, same response from Paypal. Tried again on Monday, same results. Tried again today, same results.

The only way to get my money back from the MoneyPak cards is to request a refund, which takes 10 days and comes in the form of a paper check. I do not have a checking account, so I will have to pay a fee to a check cashing place to cash the checks, which is another loss of money after having paid for the cards in the first place.

No-one seems to care at either place that this is happening and they keep advertising MoneyPak as a way to fund your Paypal account INSTANTLY. Now I owe late fees for the bills I was trying to pay by starting this in the first place. I even tried purchasing a prepaid GreenDot debit card hoping to just transfer the funds (for ANOTHER $4.95) but CVS couldn't sell me the card without my having MORE cash on hand to fund the card with, they couldn't use my already purchased and activated MoneyPak cards.

This feels less like a technical issue and more like a scam to me every day since no-one can give me any answers as to why this is happening, what the problem is, why the transaction is continuing to be declined or when it will be resolved. They have my money, what do they care?


  • Ma
    Mayn Aug 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also just purchased one of these and have been on the phone for two days with them.They show the money on the card but I was using it to transfer money to my paypal account. but it wont transfer.They claim they are having "website problems" and have assured me for two days that the issue would be resolved.Basically I am out 50 bucks at this point and will probably have to opt for a refund.This company definitely needs to be investigated.When I go to call them I get transferred to a call center in the Philippines. The drugstore I bought it at doesnt refund these and I am past the point of disgust. At this point I feel that I am being lied to and I intend to take this to The BBB should they not resolve this in another day.I would suggest that this company imho should be avoided like the plauge, and shame on reputable chains for selling these cards.My empathy to anyone that purhased and put sizable amounts of money on these cards and is stuck as I am.

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  • Pa
    paigealexis Jan 14, 2011

    Well said. Same thing is happening to me.

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  • Ir
    ironm95 Apr 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have used a money pak card to fund my paypal account on five different occasions. the first four, flawless. the last one, and the one i am currently dealing with is the bad one and boy am i irate. i put 40 on it, no prob, and went home to put it on my paypal account. went to the web site i always had, their cert. green dot money pak site, and entered my info, and was prompted to enter some more info as this transfer had put me over a 250 limit per year, and after they confirmed the info, i would be able to put up to 200o a month into paypal using the cards. after entering the info and hitting submit, a small 1x4 screen pops up saying verifying address information and it never goes past that. i tried seven times, restarted my computer and tried, tried using the link thru payapl to do this and the same thing everytime. after several phone calls to them including two to supervisors (yeah right), i gave up and asked for a refund check. i needed the money in there over 2 days ago and it was a very big inconvenience. the money never left the card but yet never made it to paypal. i called payapl about this and having a good 5 year standing with them i figured i might get a straight answer. the person agreed it was wrong and stated she had not heard of a problem with them but defintiely noted that (oh im sure) but in thinking about my problems it definitely does seem to be on moneypaks end, and after reading the above complaints i agree, they are crooks, and i feel a class action lawsuit is in order. yeah we all get a refund back ( i hope) but how can a business straight up lie or not take care of any problems, and not be held accountable. im not saying we all become millionairs by suing them, but cmon, this isnt right.

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  • Pm
    pmraether May 08, 2011

    These problems are with MonyPak, not PayPal. (I do not work for PP). I have had a verified PP account for years and a 100% favorable rating on eBay.
    A week age I purchased a MoneyPak card for $900 at the big W, the only retailer where cards with > $250 can be purchased. Followed the instructions on the PP website which directed me to the MP site. Entered the card #, and it was immediately recognized.. Followed the instructions to enter name, SS#, and address, all needed to become verified with MP and thus be able to deposit> $250. Then the next page thing hangs for hours (overnight) with the message " validating address information”. Spent hours with telephone support from PP and MP. PP support was very polite and helpful. They finally concluded that the problem was with MP. (MP had first blamed the problem on PP). They had me try to transfer $250, which went through. Back to MP support. Finally I was transferred to a supervisor, the first support person at MP that didn’t just give me the run-around. He said that their verification system used some national database that is unrelated to the PP database. I explained to him that I have a credit rating in the 800s, that I have lived at the same address for 20 years, that I have committed no crimes, that I entered the same correct information each to the 25 times I completed the MP information form. His response: their database will not be able to verify me, and MP would send me a check for the $650 I couldn’t transfer to PP. I should expect it in 10 days.


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  • Lo
    lordjwalker Nov 30, 2011

    i had the very same issue (i even purchased the minimum 25$ prepaid visa) i am bewildered by their incompetence and told them thusly; "you have a very inconvenient loophole in your account verification system that does not allow me to transfer necessary funds to my paypal. i have been delayed 2 weeks so far and it would seem your company intends to delay me further 2 weeks in this refund procedure. your company is making me and my business loose both clients and money indirectly through your inept customer service representatives and over complexified internet banking system. this near-fraudulent not-to-mention stressful process results in complete dissatisfaction with (lack-there-of)"services" rendered. i am hereby requesting a refund of the total balance of greendot moneypak # ****-****-**82-47. i will have mo more relations with GreenDot or any of its business affiliates. please feel free to expedite the refund process..." end quote . needless to say, greendot did not allow me to send my refund request containing this memo. yet another fail on greendots part, pardon me while i roll a fatty to alleviate the stress produced by this robbery of business interaction...

    sufficed to say; f*** GREENDOT!

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  • Ho
    HOODBLASTER Dec 25, 2011


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  • Me
    mendezr76 May 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i ma just going through the same problem, i called them and they said it is still validating my information and that it takes 2 days to do it. what ever happened to instant money transfer. am never while am still alive buying one of this moneycards again. stay away from them, they gonna still your money.

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  • Sh
    Should have had a V8 May 23, 2012

    This is a scam. The whole point is to make something more convenient and also to not have to utilize your personal information, account-wise and yet in order to get the card activated you now need my personal information which your lousy system can't even validate. I have wasted not only my time but money and now will prob have to wait God knows how long to actually receive a refund. Something that should have been so easy has created many headaches, stress, loss of money to myself and recipient, loss of time in having to deal with this and just a general disappointment at the false claims of "instant" loading. Moneypak SUCKS and Pay Pal is close behind for not addressing the issues that so many people here are clearly experiencing. They should be able to get your money back to you the same day. Ain't technology grand.

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  • Jo
    Joaquin Guzman Jun 16, 2012

    Similar issues here, except they didn't give me any stalling excuse about verifying anything. Gee maybe something does need to be verified TELL ME THAT INSTEAD OF LYING AND PISSING OFF YOUR CUSTOMERS.

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  • Ri
    rick1233443 Aug 20, 2012

    I just purchased a money pak that is outdated! Lol, got one before at walmart got it home scratched off the number everything worked perfect. But the one i got today once i got it home and got online to put it into ppal i looked at the back of the card and there is no place to scratch off to find the number lol!! Wth? So i called them turns out its an older version of the card walmart must have had them in the stckroom and selling them even though they are no good. So moneypak person took my info from my reciept and said they would call me back in 2 hrs no later than 24 hrs with an activation number.
    I dont know if its walmarts fault for selling old cards or moneypaks fault for allowing it wtf. anyway they open at 8am and im puttin a call in to money pak and someone is gona give me a number or im goin off this is rediculous.

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  • Mr
    mrbill317 Aug 22, 2012

    I am still stuck at verifing my address for 15 minutes. WTF

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  • Ju
    Julian0922 Feb 11, 2013

    Well just to tell other people that moneypaks issues are NOT solved yet. I just bought a card and tried to tranfer it to PP and got stock with the "we cannot verify..." your address or whatever...
    So now since 3days I am sitting on the phone with people who do not speak english that well...and have a worser accent than I have and nothing is going to happen. I will request the return check and NEVER use this crap again...thought it would go instantly, instead of a banktransfer that takes a few days, man was I wrong!!! In simple words, Moneypak sucks big time and the customer service, you may reach somebody after about 30minutes waiting, sucks even worse!!!

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  • Ka
    Kaleb Apr 29, 2013

    MoneyPak please... i baught my card.. went through the hoops ..typed my social security# (which i hate to do online.. but it said the site is secure...) and its stuck at not verifying my address .. now after i restarted the computer it wont even let me try to veryfy again... just goes strait to trying to give me a refund.. i dont wanna refund.. i want my dam money in paypal...moneypak.. if u people are reading this.. fix it or you will findyouself in court... u wont get away with these scams forever.. i already checked ... cvs wont refund... and u think im supid enuf to wait for some check/refund in the it would probably bounce anyways... moneypak/greendot.. fix this... now..

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  • Gu
    Guy19 May 27, 2013

    I bought a Moneypak to add funds to my Paypal instantly, instead of waiting on my bank account so that I could bid on Ebay. I bought it with no problems. I bid on a few things, expecting no trouble... I try and add funds to my Paypal from it and it recognizes the card, displays the correct amount ($100 USD). But then, it asks me for my personal information, which I shouldn't have needed for this amount. I enter all of it perfectly, check it over, then submit... It says it was unable to verify and to resubmit. I re-did everything, even trying different variations in a few boxes. After a few tries it tells me flat-out, I'll be unable to add money to my account from this card and prompts me to request a refund. I requested one, which it states will take 7-11 days... Adding money with my bank account would've only taken 3-5 and I don't think they're even refunding the service fee of five dollars to load the card. Not at all as advertised and wholly disappointing. I payed five dollars to waste gas money going to the store, have dings on my ebay account for not following through on bids, waste time on Ebay on things I can't buy and will expire and be without my $100 for a week or two. I wasn't interested in a time wasting / money holding service for $5. Now let's see if they even properly refund me, which seems to be a gamble.

    This card and company are ###.

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  • Su
    SummerH Jul 09, 2013

    Green dot cards are only good for a one time use!And moneypak is crap! It says you can easily reload the card, and yet asks you for all your personal information, and then when you put your adress, dosn't verify it!it tells you to call customer service for help, but even that's crap. A computer continues to talk to you, and helps with absolutley NOTHING. and i've bought a monkeypak, and put $100 into it. and then go hom, only to find that it won't reload the dang card, because it simply couldn't 'verify' the darn card. I have been on my computer for Hours, trying to find some way to use my money pak other wise. because it does the same thing with paypal! and i'm not going to refund it, and get a check. NO i just want my money. The money i used to buy this stupid card. and only because i wanted to buy something online. Money dosn't come from thin air. I am absolutley disgusted with Moneypak, and green dot ! I am tired of wasting my time, and money on these horrible companies.

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  • Pi
    pissed beyond Nov 16, 2013

    has anyone found a fix for this greendot ### .they should be prosecuted if I did same I would be exicuted

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  • Ca
    cacossa Apr 29, 2014

    This service should not be allowed to be sold to consumers. I just purchased a card as well and after almost an hour of them "verifying" (they were instantly able to tell me I purchased the card from 7/11 and that it would take 20 minutes for me to be able to use it) my information I decided to read reviews and complaints. After further investigation, I realized I made a major mistake. I read hundreds of complaints about the service, which, varied from fraud to the service stealing the service fee of 5.95 which does not get refunded. I did file for a refund on their site which told me it takes 7-10 days to refund and a check would be sent out in the mail.

    This is VERY SCARY considering that I provided this company my SS# and other private information. Everybody, I am up to complaining to any appropriate agency to stop this company to continue business. Let me know what you guys think...

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  • Ke
    Kevin Giovanni Graves May 06, 2014

    What ever you do, DO NOT purchase a GreenDot MoneyPak card. I have recently bought one and put in my details and I was above the 18 age limit. So I was waiting for it to translate the 20 bucks I wanted on my paypal account and it failed, when I tried adding the funds to my paypal wallet again it came up with a refund screen. So I got it refunded and got my 20 bucks back and bought a new one, then it did the same thing but it didn't give me a chance to put in any details it only redirected to the refund page.
    And then I found out it was probably a SCAM to get a few bucks out of my wallet, as of now I can't express how furious I am at MoneyPak and Paypal. Hell Paypal almost made myself cry after all of the stress with not a SINGLE thing working, I am so ###ing done with Paypal and MoneyPak ###.
    And now they have my Social Security number and bank number and WHO knows what they might do to it, now I have to do the long process of completely removing all Paypal and MoneyPak connections to my bank.

    Although I did buy this card from CVS pharmacy, and there is the Walmart version which I probably should have gotten.
    But I'm not taking any more chances with this pile of crud.

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  • In
    IntegrityisPriority Jul 15, 2014

    I have never seen a company with so many sites dedicated to negative reviews about how bad this company runs their business. I have not bought a card, but was thinking of buying one to fund Paypal, before I saw how many dedicated sites with all bad reviews about the company. That many sites and reviews can't be wrong. Hopefully someone gets somebody in an authority position to do something about the problems all these customers are having with this company. I noticed the BBB doesn't even have a rating as of 07/15/2014 due to reviewing the company. Wikipedia has an unfavorable view of the cards and the company saying quote, " As of June 2012 (over a 3-year period), Green Dot had a total of 1193 closed complaints with the BBB. Popular consumer confidence and review web sites show an unfavorable opinion of Green Dot.". Again the BBB is reviewing the company for a rating and hopefully soon so potential customers have an idea of which direction the company is headed toward since 2012 and into the future. Hopefully for all parties involved the rating is better and the company is fixing any problems it has in any areas that are effecting customer service so bad to have sites filled with negative publicity on the Internet. That being said some of the reviews on different sites were as new as the last couple of months as of this comment. Hate to hear all that has happened and hopefully some of these people got their issues resolved, hopefully there is a concerned effort by the company, watch dog groups, individuals with valid complaints, and the appropriate government agencies to fix these complaints, concerns, and discrepancies. As for me after just thinking about getting a card to fund my PayPal account I am waiting until the BBB gives a rating, I hear a more favorable view of the company, and there are assurances made that if I get a card to fund my account that A) It works like it supposed to in a timely manner of less than 2 hours from verifying pertinent information B) If it doesn't work and I have proof I bought the card that there is a time limit in how long a customer should wait to get it fixed 24hrs would be idea, 48hrs business day be good, 3 business days to be OK. It should never take more than 5 business days to get money back if the customer has proof they bought the card and there either is no money on card after 2 hours or you can't fund an account after the money is on the card. C) The company should believe enough in there business model to refund all the money if there is a problem funding the card or account including the $4 or $5 fee because it promotes a way better view of the company. If everything works like it is supposed to 99% of customers shouldn't need a refund and should be happy. If a company collects $4 or $5 for 99% of transactions then the company makes money and they keep everyone happy. It's worth losing 1 to 2 % of transaction fees to have 100% customer service. 100% customer service keeps customers, is not some mythical goal, and gets customers to tell other potential customers what a great, easy, straightforward, and trustworthy company you are in their opinion and leave great Internet feedback.

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  • Da
    dadunn1700 Jul 20, 2014

    This company deserves to be taken down. I dont see how it hasnt. You go to a store, buy a moneypack for the amount you want and pay the $4 - $5 "activation fee", afterward you tryin load moneypack onto your PayPal account...and when it doesn't work they refund the initial amount w/o the included fee you paid to activate the card, via check. They still made their $4 - $5 per card for a service they never even performed. What a scam!!! What's worse...most of the ppl that use Moneypack don't have a checking account, after all that's why they have to use something like Moneypack in the 1st these ppl have to PAY to cash the check Moneypack mailed to them to "return" their money. The ppl their ripping off don't have a crapload of money to begin with...

    Avoid Moneypack at all costs!!! I keep waiting for a bunch of ppl to gang up on the net and go after this company. 1 person can't do much...but if enough ppl are with you you can do anything. Theirs no shortage of angry ppl on the net when it comes to moneypack.

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  • Mo
    moneypak hater Jul 24, 2014

    Green dot money pak put a disclaimer on my account. They wont put the money in my paypal. They do not have a phone number a person can be reached at. They will not help me. NEVER GET A GREEN DOT CARD. Take a brief moment and just throw your money in the toilet, piss on it, and then flush it. That is the same as getting a moneypak card.

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  • Pi
    pissedinanchorage Jan 17, 2015

    BUYER BEWARE!I a got 50 dollar prepaid green dot at Walmart to use online.i never used it it was in my wallet forgotten for months.i went to cash it out and close today at Walmart.was told i had 26.20 on the card and that there was a 3.00 closing fee... i paid 50 dollars plus a 4 dollar fee to get card. So for a 50 dollar card that i NEVER even used i got charged over 30 dollars in fees.Okay so i know i can only blame myself for falling for this.i was in a hurry i should have been more aware of what signing up for.i played the sucker, lesson learned.PAY ATTENTION KNOW WHAT YOU GETTING INTO.

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  • Re
    Reviewer87143 Feb 18, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Y'all have asked for my info to be provided I sent it to y'all a week ago I still cant get to my money this is faustrating ive bout had enough I never had an issue with y'all I want my money I need it for health issues and for my son.

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