Green Dot Corporation / the lack of customer services to assist buyers of green dot moneypak

United States

Let me begin without getting upset. My name is Juan Vergara. I want to open an E-bay store. I was " instructed" by PayPal You-tube videos that I would need to purchase a (MoneyPak) at certain stores. I whisked on over to the nearest Walgreens and purchased a Green Dot MoneyPak in the amount of $95.00 plus the Service fee of $5.95 extra. I went to the cashier paid by cash at the counter and the MoneyPak was "scanned?" I was given a store receipt. I tried, and tried, and tried fruitlessly to contact both The Green dot / MoneyPak representative via the number given : [protected]. To transfer the cash into my PayPal account or transfer my cash into my checking account??? Remember, I told you that I've watched You-tube PayPal videos and the other ebay Sellers gave instructions step by step to buy a MoneyPak and add cash into it at certain stores. The phone contact [protected] is automated without putting me thru an Operater (agent) which I need. It keeps saying "put your 16 digit " or your Social Security????? Over the phone. No way, Jose! I have no 16 digit number on the green MoneyPak???? Just to scratch off the back part which has 14 digits. My phone : [protected] or my e-mail me at [protected] to contact me. I want this resolved. I purchased the green dot MoneyPak at Walgreens on October 9, 2018 at 7:05 P.M. The Walgreens phone [protected]. I want someone to personally contact me because...I still have a $95.00 in a MoneyPak that I paid for in $5.95 service fee... And I got no service?????? To charge me a service fee! I need you to transfer my cash into either my PayPal account or my Checking Account. Juan.

Green Dot Corporation

Oct 16, 2018

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