Green Dot Corporation / prepaid visa card block

Benton City, WA, United States
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On or about 10/17/2018 card number [protected] was purchased for the sole purpose of having a return of a cap nail gun purchased at Stoneway placed on it. The original purchase receipt was used in returning the cap gun and a green dot customer service rep was spoken to about the transaction, saying it would be no problem bmand that funds would be available in up to 3 business days. On 10/21/ 2018 the account was checksd by the account holder and the card did and still holds an amount of 230.00. Upon trying to use the card the card was denied and on 10/22/2018 green dot was contacted to inquire about the situation. They state that the account has been blocked due to needing further verification by which they mean the original purchase receipt, to verify that a transaction did indeed take place. They are not asking for the return receipt and they have already verified the funds, withheld their fee and blocked the account. They are now saying that until they have received a copy of the original purchase receipt the account will remain blocked. Even so that is not where the issue lies seeing as stones at retained a copy of receipts also, the issue is that funds that have been received and verified to be real funds already where a fee has been removed will not be available for another 48 hours after they recieve their verification. When speaking with the same rep as was spoken to when the card was activated there were no solid answers as to why this policy is affecting this account when the original purchase was made not with a green dot card for one and for two the company who transfered funds to the account approved the refund with receipt and transfered verifiable funds into an account. The supervisor whom took on the call after several request, some could consider to be an excessive amount of request actually was no help as to why this policy could affect a valid transaction like this or how to remidy the problem before 48 hours. There are financial obligations that were awaiting those funds and though green dot has them they are witholding them causing undue fees and burdens. They were asked if they could undo the transaction to which they replied they had received the funds and those were verified to be from stoneway, but now i must prove stoneway ever recieved any funds to begin with and that the procedure must go as outlined and there was no way they could right the inconvoenece even when asked if theh could just unblock the account immediatly upon recieving verification. All i am asking for is access to my much needed funds. I find it wrong that they can accesz the funda but i can not

Oct 22, 2018

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