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My name is orita waller, on the 29th, I bought a green dot card from family dollar. I loaded $41.00 on the card. My cell phone was disconnected, so I use my son's telephone to activate the card. Although, I used my sons telephone, I used my name to activate the card. I used my name, current address. It allowed me to access funds at that time, sp. I paid 15.00 towards my cell phone service to get my phone activated, and it worked.
However, the next day when I went to the store, I got to the register and was very embarrassed because it declined my purchase.
When I got home, I checked the balance and it said there was a block on my card. When, I finally talked to someone they said, that is not your card but your son's card. I told them that they were wrong because my son didn't activate the card, I did. Than they told me to send in my drivers license picture of the front and back. I did this several times before they could read it. After they got my i. D. I spoke to an agent who told me they had taken out 9.95 for monthly charges, and I said, you better put my money back, I just bought the card, it hasn't been a month. She did agree that they weren't suppose take out a monthly charge yet. However, she said, you didn't activate this card, your son did. I said, I used my social security number, not my son's. What I believe the problem is, is that the computer had a glitch in it or whatever. They made me wake up my son who works 3rd shift, to ask him his ss # and did he activate the card. He told them no, and he gave all his information. They did not believe him or me, because both my son and I have several green dot cards. And, we moved at least twice since we begin to activate the cards. They told my son to send his i. D.In. He did, but they said they can't read it. Okay, I am disabled and receiving disability, and we don't have money like that. So, regardless of how many times he sends his in, and how clear or big he makes it, they still say they can't read it.
Now, I feel that I should not have to go to staples or somewhere to pay money out to make copies. They just will not believe us and I feel that they are being prejudice. Ii is my money and I want it, but I feel that if we were a different color we would have had to go through all of this. The representative pretty much came out and said, that she didn't believe me. Why??? Why are you putting me through all of this yo get my money. This will be the last damn time my son and I use green dot again. When I tell people what is going on they are astonished. I truly believe this is a prejudice issue. I can never get a supervisor, and everyone there is foreign, and half the time I can't understand what they are saying.
My e-mail is [protected] Will you please send me my money, I need it very, very, much.
Your company is wrong to do that, I recorded every call I have had with them, and if a judge listened to it, he would more than likely think, they are prejudice. I want my money.
Orita waller
Please someone who work there see this message and please take the block off my money. Hopefully, someone that is american works there, please its, my, mine, belongs to me. My money!!!

Nov 16, 2016
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  • Di
      Dec 17, 2016

    you are better off looking up the volunteer lawyer program for low income people like our selfs and starting a class action lawsuit these people will not stop there are many bbb complaints I never keep excessive money on my card I put it on monthly when its time for my car insurance payment because I have been scammed by a previous car insurance company that is no longer in business but i use prepaid so they can only take what I owe and not more and if they have a issue they can bit me because they legally haven't notified me of any changes so yea get a lawyer look up the volunteer lawyer program for low income families your state should have one I know the one I found earlier I wish i saved the link worked in multiple states.

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