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This company is also involved in the time-sharing scam as well and may go under the name Grand Navigation as well. My fiancé was told she had one a trip after her name was pulled from a hat. This free vacation included airfare and a two or more hour sales pitch to convince us to buy time-shares in vacation property. We saw through it from the start - We left the sales person quite disappointed that he could not convince us. We went through 3 sales persons who kept dropping the price. When she went to call Grand Navigation we found that we had to pay $50.00 to register! Free you say? FYI - We had to give our credit card number to the time-sharing sales receptionist, of which we have cancelled that credit card - The security on the card could potentially be breached in dealing with these people. If it sounds too good to be true - It probably is people.

Apr 21, 2014
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      Dec 02, 2014

    We received a free week vacation for viewing an overpriced vacuum demonstration. We had to pay $75.00 before we could even log into their system to arrange the vacation. And then we were told that we could pick a date but it would take about 30 days for them to confirm the date was available. This confirmation would be sent through the mail. If the date is not available then you pick another date and they would respond by mail. This could go on forever. When I asked for a refund in June they said the refund would take 8-10 weeks. It is now Dec 2nd and we still have no refund. When I called they said it will be here next week. We'll see.

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