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pulau pinang, MY
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hye...On 13 November 2017 (Monday) around 5pm-6pm I've book grab car at (my location-Lorong Kekabu) and (destination-Jalan Pasir Belanda). So my driver was Shankar a/l Rajoo(contact no. [protected]). While I'm booking my apps didn't show my driver profile including his arrival time and his car number. Right after my booking he called me to confirm my location.then, he reached at Farmasi Permatang Damar Laut he called me back ask me to come over there then I soda that my Location was at Nur Cemerlang Lorong Kekabu Desa Jelita. So I asked him to come to my location then he said what will I (reporter) will do if he(driver) come to me location? So I said what nonsense are talking amount and I cut the call while saying will cancel the book. So sifter I cancel the driver(shankar) he keep calling me more about 4times. So here I want to say... Grabcar Malaysia please take an action on this kind of grab driver. So if don't receive any reply from Grabcar Malaysia I will file a police complain and will viral this issue. Thank You. Here I give you my detail:
Name : ms Sharina
Contact : [protected]/[protected]
Email : [protected]

Nov 18, 2017

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