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Shah Alam, Malaysia

Hi, Im a student from a public university around Shah Alam, Selangor. I've been using grab ever since i was in my first year, and so far, thank God the services received was good and satisfied. However, I'm a bit unsatisfied (and i don't think I'm alone!) with the fare applied as it was a bit unreasonable with the status here as a 'student'. I understand that probably Grab increase the fare for 'business' matters, but what i truly hope that Grab would consider is that not everyone could always afford the fare and that includes myself that came from East Malaysia, as student like us always need a transport to go anywhere. Secondly, i just wonder why do Grab have to charge extra for an extra stop that lies on the same way when we actually pay for the furthest destination. Pls Grab, that doesnt make sense, we don't even ask the driver to drive around wasting his petrol. All we asked was a minute stop to drop some of us at a point before reaching the destination which lies on the same way. And there you go, i never knew that stopping for a minute would charge us an extra rm2-3. Ugh. Thirdly, when i key in a destination, i figure out that there's a longer route that Grab recommends and it's much expensive (of course!) when we students know a shorter route. Why do we have to spend more on extra kilometres when we know a shorter route? That's all my complaints all about. Probably some students are not affected by this cause they don't have any financial issues or they have their own transport. I don't really care if Grab have promo's or not (well it's better if you impose that) but what i really concerned about here is the unreasonable price for a student. I thought of changing tranport company but still i guess Grab is the most reliable transport app as it's easy to book, with all the safety features, much more now I'm on my way to Gold tier. So, i hope Grab could look into this further and your consideration upon this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Oct 20, 2018

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