Grabcargrabcar driver setting her "own" route

I've attached a screenshot of the driver info as well as the driver's text message, indicating that she only accepts trips around the Makati area when I was QC bound. First of all, it takes us time to have our bookings accepted by your Choosy drivers only to be cancelled again. Second of all, Pick-up and Drop-off points are indicated on the booking, so why accept the booking only to cancel it afterwards? And lastly, if you have appointed a "Fixed Area" for yourself, why drive with Grab? You should go drive a jeep, bus or UV Express van, who has a fixed route.

Based from the hundreds of complaint being received and UNANSWERED by Grab, I'm not expecting you to put action into this complaint. But it's still worth giving it a try. Thank you.


Dec 19, 2016

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