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refuse to refund

I had contarct with, I paid them £400 for registration and It was refundable. I cancelled contract with in 14 days which was the requirement. I did this on... — payment not received - fraudulent behaviour

I am a sole trader operating my own minibus company - I took a job from in December 2018, to take their customers from Newark to Nottingham and return for a... service

These guys are an absolute joke. Lovely until deposit paid. We nearly missed out flight out as the taxi that arrived 45mins late to collect us. The taxi didn't have isofix points as requested at the initial quote and stank of smoke. Not nice for our 2 small children. Driver nearly fell asleep while driving and stopped for a energy drink and the toilet even though we were very close to missing our flight. Got to the airport with 1 hour and 5 mins to spare. Rushed through with 2 children and my elderly mother who is disabled and just made it on the plane. A horrible start to our family holiday.

I then had to speak to Amy Mills... what a completely stuck up, rude entitled little girl. She claimed it was our fault that one of our car seats didn't have the ability to be strapped in and it was tough luck. I was in absolute shock. She then hung up on me... 3 times.

My wife then called her back and amy said ' are you on holiday ' to which my wife responds ' yes ', amys response... ' WHATS THE PROBLEM THEN! '. I have never been spoken to in this way before. It was disgusting. She promised we would get a new van for the return journey. We didn't want to use them anymore but thought we would trust again.

On our return journey we had been promised a brand new Mercedes sprinter with isofix points... guess what... an hour and a half late the same driver turns up with the same mini bus... We sent him away as it was unsafe for our children's car seats to go in and an unsuitable vehicle to be using.

We rang the office and got hung up on. We then rang back and got told there is nothing they can do.. call back tomorrow... hung up on again.

8 adults and 2 children freezing cold with no way of getting home... Thanks a lot.

Honestly, these guys are frauds and we will be reporting them to every single body and organisation we know to get them shut down. Disgusting that people are allowed to trade. What a horrible experience. What goes around comes around

unresponsive, rude, took our money

We so regret not researching this "company" more thoroughly before booking it for our wedding and losing over £800. Like so many other people who have left reviews, we found the booking process to be pleasant and easy. But 3 months before the wedding, we needed to amend the time of the coaches. We offered to pay more for this (so glad we didn't!!) and were flexible about finding a compromise where they could service us but our guests would get to the venue. We were promised for over two months that we could expect a call or email from the "manager", but we never got one. After over 20 emails and many phone calls, Amy Mills became abusive on the phone to my partner and refused to change the timings of the trip. I talked to some people there yesterday who said I couldn't talk to Amy (or were they Amy?) and it seemed like some portion of the trip might be salvageable, but after reading the reviews on this and other sites I won't bother. My partner and I have both been hung up on regularly. One person he spoke to refused to provide the manager's name, and then said "the manager's name is 'the manager'". I now think that even if we hadn't tried to amend the timing of the coach, perhaps no coach would have ever showed up, so it's perhaps a good thing that we've given up and booked with a professional company. But we have lost over £800 that we work hard to make, and experienced a lot of stress, not to mention abuse on the phone from Amy. I agree with others online that this is absolutely a scam and deeply regret that we fell for it.

refund from new years eve still outstanding

I booked via Cabtransfers for New Years Eve, the day before I received a message from Eastwood Travel who stated the vehicle had broken down and so he could not collect us at the time required. He did say he could pick us up earlier however being NYE this was not acceptable.
There was no help from Cabtransfers and no other options explored from them to assist us. So we had no option but to drive.
However since then I am still waiting for my deposit of £70 to be returned. I have emailed and telephoned Amy on numerous occasions requesting my refund I now get told it is with her Manager but no monies has been returned to me. I have even asked the company they were sending to help me. As he was thankful that we were so understanding as his vehicle had broken down and not our fault at all.
I do not see any option now but to go through the small claims court.

I would never recommend using this service.

CabTransfers — online minibus booking

Use with caution. The online process went well with lots of emails backwards and forwards to arrange a group pick up and return. At no point did they mention they were just the...

coach hire

I have booked a 17 seater Mercedes Benz with Minibus & Taxi Transfers, the operator confirm that she can arrange a Benz for my group and send me quotation email. After confirm the detail, I booked the coach, in case of any problem, I asked the operator to send me pictures of coach and plate number of the coach. She refused offer the interior pictures of the coach, just told me plate number is LS65 OVG, and the coach was registrate in 2015. But they arrange a very bad Ford to cover my group, I called the operator, her attitude is very bad, and never speak the truth, she refused tell us her manager's name and phone number. They refused to refund the money as well. But the Ford is toooooo bad, my guests cannot accept it.

coach hire
coach hire
coach hire
coach hire
coach hire

Incredibly poor and unprofessional service

Cabtransfers is likely a scam and I would strongly recommend avoiding them at all costs. Once paying the deposit, all contact disappeared. Any emails I sent would be ignored until...

Cancelled my booking

I decided to book a taxi via CabTransfers website. After my booking was complete I paid for the service in advance.
On the estimated date I received a call from CabTransfers, it was about an hour before the pick up time. Their rep said that my booking was cancelled because they did not receive the money. Strange. I immediately called my bank and they said that payment successfully went through and that CabTransfers did receive it.
I called CabTransfers and that lady on the phone was very rude, she even asked me not to call! Terrible! These guys left me without a taxi, they robbed me and stole my money! Never again! Scam alert! — The cab were missing and the company ignored our phone calls

We booked two cars with 8 seats through the company We got the confirmation email and we informed that the cabs would wait for us on agreed time and place... — Wrong car and awful customer services

We ordered 20 seats cab through the site We paid $400 online for the couple of hours, but the cab arrived and it has only for 10 seats. When we spoke with... — The car didn't arrive and money was taken from us

We booked taxi through the company It was big mistake, ‘coz these jerks haven’t provided the car. As well as we waited for the phone call from...'t order cabs from them

I recently have a deal with the company I called them and wanted to get the cab from airport. I provided time and date, but no one showed up. I paid them money as a deposit, but they scammed me. I tried to reach them afterwards, but the phone was busy all the time. I wonder if there are people, who have the same problems and what have you done in such situation, please post comments.'t book taxi from them – it won't arrive

I booked taxi from the website I waited about 2 hours and called them almost every 20 minutes, but the driver never appeared. The rep was rude and almost yelled at me, when I again and again called them. After that he refused to speak with me and hung up. So avoid this website or you will be late, because the taxi is slow and scam. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

website on first page of google?

The person behind seemes to be Yasser Hussain calling himself Jacob
They have been calling at least several operators we know well in Greater London area offering an ‘increase in number of jobs and airport runs’ by ‘building a website around your business, with an online booking engine, card payment facilities and fully trackable calls, emails and bookings’ also promoting it via major search engines like google, yahoo, bing they promise you first page of google. My website was nowhere to be found . LIARS LIARS LIARS . THEY TOOK MY MONEY. AND IM SURE MANY OTHER PEOPLES MONEY ROBBING THEM OF THERE MONEY THEY TOOK £420 FROM ME OFFERING ME A BUNCH OF LIES AND NO JOBS, AFTER SEVERAL MONTHS I DEMANDED MY MONEY BACK THEY BECAME NONE RESPONDENT ****** AVOID THIS COMPANY******* GO TO THE SITE BELOW