GrabCar / driver complaint

Hi there,
I'm riding in your Grabcar - licence number SGX 1785C, driven by Ahmad Razis Bin Ismail - on 1st Dec 4.25pm.
When I got into the vehicle, the driver was driving at snail's pace - even though there was no traffic as we were driving out of the carpark onto the main road. He inched along the road so slowly that the lights that were green slowly turned amber then red.

I then asked the driver which route he was taking and he was none too pleased about it and said very sarcastically that he would go 'whichever route I wanted to take'. I did not like his tone but I let that slide.

When we got on the expressway, I asked if he could 'go a little bit faster wherever possible'. He snapped back saying that he wasn't going to risk his life for me and that I should have left for my destination earlier. He then promptly THREATENED to drop myself and my colleague in the middle of the expressway.

Being a seasoned cab rider, I have seen all sorts but have never submitted any formal complaint.

This is a first for me. The booking was made by my colleague and I'm glad that I NEVER use Grab and will never use it.

This is the reason why well-paying customers would rather ride in a Comfort or any of the established taxi companies because we don't encounter unreasonable drivers like these.

Dec 01, 2016

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