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To the public especially to those who want to apply as peers or partners in grabcar. Below is how grab will fool you with their stupid incentives that will destroy your cars and you won't earn anything despite efforts so this is fraudulent and cheating to the filipinos. Grabcar's new incentive scheme for december 7 to december 13 with bonus! Below is the cheating incentives of grabcar to all drivers and peers because with this very small incentives it will eventually destroy your car so if you have brains then analyze the incentive and see that you will not earn any here at all but just ending up destroying your cars' message from grabcar via email to all peers ho, ho, ho, grabcar peers! We're getting busier this holiday season! We're giving a bonus for rush hour rides on top of the usual incentives! Read more below! Driving part-time? No worries! We've added more tiers to accommodate part-time drivers! Hit the roads on rush hours and earn from higher fares, plus our rides bonus! Holidays are approaching = higher number of requests = higher rush hour rates = higher fare = higher income! Plus, don't forget the bonus! 'tis the season to be merry, indeed! New incentive scheme for grabcar and grabcar+ december 7 to december 13, 2015 total fare per driver per week* (Guidelines below) incentive per week php 20, 000 or more php 6, 000 php 18, 000 - php 19, 999 php 5, 500 php 15, 000 - php 17, 999 php 5, 000 php 12, 000 - php 14, 999 php 4, 500 php 10, 000 - php 11, 999 php 4, 000 php 8, 000 - php 9, 999 php 3, 500 weekly cut-off: 00:01 am of monday to 11:59 pm of sunday fare computation will be on the basis of total fare (Including grabcar's 20% commission but excluding tips) the total fare qualified for incentives will include only the highest fare of each unique passenger per week minimum acceptance rate (Ar) of 85% to qualify for incentives complete at least 30 rides between 6 am - 11 am & 4 pm - 12 mn monday to friday and get a fixed bonus of php 1, 000 rush hour bonus incentives on top of whatever you earn from the fare incentives! The total rush hour rides qualified for bonus incentives will include only one rush hour ride per unique passenger per week the php 1, 000 bonus is a fixed sum minimum acceptance rate (Ar) of 85% to qualify for bonus incentives hacks to earn more! What matters is how much total fare you earn, so more online hours + high acceptance rate = higher income! We reward long rides, too! Long rides help you minimize your downtime and maximize the fare. Be online and bid for booking requests on rush hours! Check out our rush hour rate hack sheet below to maximize higher fares during peak rush hour periods! Wondering where to go? We seem to have a whole lot of passengers booking a ride from the areas below during morning and evening super peak hours. Insider tip: we've got more booking requests from these areas and higher rush hour rates! Drivers get more fare + passengers get more grab love = win-win! Hacks to keep track of the fare! For peer-drivers: list down the total fixed fare before or after each trip. For drivers: check your driver app job history. Grabcar's 20% commission is listed in the job history section of the app. Divide this value by 0.2 to get the total fare. Take screenshots of the e-receipt page to keep track your income. Incentive guidelines *for the total fare qualified for incentives, we sum up only the fare of the driver's weekly unique passengers. If a passenger was serviced by the same driver more than once per week (Beginning 00:01 am of monday to 11:59 pm of sunday of each week) , then only the highest fare of the passenger's trips for that week will be counted in the computation of the total fare qualified for incentives. All drivers must maintain a minimum acceptance rate (Ar) average of 85% from monday to sunday. Drivers who fall below 85% ar average will not receive any driver incentive. Metro manila is defined as the collection of cities under the national capital region: manila, caloocan, las piñas, makati, malabon, mandaluying, marikina, muntinlupa, navotas, parañaque, pasay, pasig, pateros, quezon city, san juan, taguig, valenzuela. Greater metro manila is defined as all of metro manila, plus nearby urban centers of antipolo, bacoor, and imus. Only trips taken inside greater metro manila will be counted in the total fare qualified for incentives. You must accept booking requests coming from metro manila. You may or may not accept booking requests coming from or going to antipolo, bacoor, or imus; you may do so at your own discretion. Trips coming from or going to antipolo, bacoor, and imus will be counted in your total fare qualified for incentives. If you choose to accept booking requests going to or coming from outside greater metro manila, you may do so at your own discretion, but these trips will not be counted in your total fare qualified for incentives total fare for incentives includes passenger promo rides (Total fixed fare) but excludes tips. Want a quick breakdown of this week's incentive remittances? We're now rolling our summary of transactions! Fill in the form through the link below and we'll be sure to send you a summary of transactions to help you manage your weekly remittances. Here's a tip: once you've already filled in the form, no need to fill in the form each week. You'll be part of our database, and we'll automatically send you a summary of transactions every week! Sending of summaries of transactions may take up to five working days after the date of remittance. Please allot at least 5 working days for us to process your incentives. Your valid incentives will always be remitted to you. However, if the system detects an account exhibiting cheating or fraudulent activity, no incentive will be remitted to the account and the account will be permanently banned from the system. The past few days, we've seen rides per driver and fare per driver rising! Grabcar sets a fare and incentive structure that is fair, sustainable, and constantly achievable. Here's to more rides and higher income this coming week! Team grabcar manila copyright © 2013 made with love by team grabcar mnl 12/f rear tower, wilcon it hub, chino roces ave. Cor. Edsa bangkal, makati city, philippines unsubscribe / manage options


Dec 05, 2015

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