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Dear sirs,

My name is Dinu Gutu and I bought through you a ticket for my son Artiom Gutu From Iasi Romania to Paris Beauvais for the flight from 24/08/2018. Booking reference nr is QAU6QJ. As I bought the ticket through Gotogate I decided to involve also you in solving my case as all telephone discussions with the Blue Air company failed and I did not understood why they refused check in of my son as well as they informed me they will not refund me anything. Please find attached last chance letter to solve this matter in an amiable way as well as my desirable amiable resolution of my complaint and the requested amount, including attachements with evedince. If more evidence will be needed I am ready to provide.

Claim letter

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Tel: +44 (0)[protected]
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To: Blue Air company, Legal Department, Customer Service Department
Copy to: Gotogate

Dear sirs,
By this letter I will try the last time to solve amiable my issue with your company.
My name is Dinu Gutu and I am the father of Artiom Gutu, born 07/10/2002, who is the passenger to whom your company refused check in at the desk in Iasi Airport (Romania). I bought him a ticket through agent GotoGate (attached please find confirmation, order number and booking reference, 4pages). My son was supposed to fly from Iasi airport to Paris (Beauvais) airport on Friday 24 of August 2018, departure at 14:00, arrival in France 16:15, flight nr: 0B6805 operated by your company - Blue Air.
Me as well as my son have double citizenship and are citizens of Republic of Moldova and Romania. A couple of years ago we decide to reside and now we are living in Wolverhampton, UK, where I am working and he is a student at Moreton School.
As my son is a student, the only time for holiday and visiting grand parents who live in Republic of Moldova are summer holidays, namely month of August. We decided that he will visit them for 3 weeks beginning of August and last 10 days of that month I will book also my holiday and we planned to spend our holiday in France, 2 days in Paris DisnayLand and 7 days in Basque country (near Biarritz) thus I booked through AirBnB an apartment in the region, namely in Hendaye (holiday village). Attached you can see my booking from AirBnB. That's why I booked for him a flight to Paris where I planned to meet him while I was driving by car from UK (on the way).
Unfortunately, due to the fact Blue Air refused without any legal reason his check in, my son did not flight and our holiday was destroyed.
After almost one week of many telephone discussions with client service of the company, I understood that the only explanation they can provide me is to call Iasi Airport border police to ask as the employee of Blue Air responsible to do check in ask somebody to consult and was advised to refuse check in. As my son presented to cash in desk a perfectly valid, biometric passport issued by Republic of Moldova authorities (find attached copy of it), and being at the age of 15 he do not to be accompanied by an adult, I do not understand the reason he was refused check in as well as explanation of Blue Air that this is not their decision as well can not be accepted as border police is after check in desk and security control, but he did not reach them, as he was refused the check in. So logically I can not pretend something and have questions to Romanian border police as he even did not meet them technically and no official refusal from them he has.
As it is highly likely the employee of Blue Air made a mistake and un legally refused check in of my son, I have the reasons to think they oversold tickets for this flight and they were look for any kind of reason to refuse his check in, thus refusing the boarding.
As this actions of Blue Air produced for me and my son huge financial consequences as well as destroyed our holiday for this year, I would like a reparation of these and specifically:
Full refund of the ticket Iasi - Paris in the amount of 131 GBP
Full refund of the travel expenses Iasi - Chisinau - 25 GBP (due to check in refusal, he need to travel back to Republic of Moldova)
Refund of the difference between new ticket and the old Blue Air ticket - 90 GBP (as he was refused check in I had to buy him a new ticket and the best/cheapest option at that moment was Chisinau - Barselona at the price of 220 GBP)
Full refund of hotels in Marne la Valle (near DisnayLand) and Tours (on the way to Hendaye) - 82 GBP
Full refund of the travel cost from Hendaye to Barcelona return - 151 GBP (I had to drive from Hendaye to Barcelona to pick him up. This is about 1100 km return. There are tolls. Spend also more than 14 hours to drive in including night time)
Full refund of the booked accommodation in Hendaye - 418 GBP ([censored]iday was destroyed and he did not use it)
Total claim for refund - 897 GBP
I kindly ask you the last time to solve this issue in an amiable way, giving you 2 weeks to arrange payment of the clamed refund in the amount of 897 GBP into my personal account:
Account name/holder: Dinu Gutu
IBAN: GB39LOYD30998384509568
Bank: Lloyds Bank
For local transfers (UK only) please use:
Account nr: [protected]
Sort code: 30-99-83

In the case you will not transfer this amount in 2 weeks time, I will be pushed to address this issue to a competent Court and you will enquiry more costs related to solicitor and lawyer expenses as well as to moral damages due to time consumption and broken holiday (only chance for it in 2018).

Kind regards
Dinu Gutu

Sep 07, 2018

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