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There is one personal trainer there that is a cocky jerk. Full of himself. Was assigned to me to do the assessment. Told him straight out under no circumstances do I want to sign up for personal training. He said ok but you'd lose more weight with me than on your own because you haven't lost it yet. Ok give him that one because someone motivating you is better than you motivating yourself. Proceeded to tell me I was fat only because I was lazy and I don't eat properly (he never asked what my diet was like so how can you make that comment?) Im a stay at home mom who is on my feet all day. I have 2 young kids who are very active. Not to mention that I do kickboxing, yoga, biking and walk everywhere. How is that lazy? When he asked me about previous workout experience, he scoffed when I said I had followed a Biggest loser program and the Spark program. I had lost 12 lbs on spark and 15 lbs on biggest loser. Proceeded to still try to sell me the personal training to which I again said no. If I had the money it probably would be a good idea. He then asked why I don't have extra money. Kids, rent, insurance, food, etc all the necessities. He said well you pay monthly to come here. I said yes but that's not thousands of dollars. He said he knew I was eating junk food by how much money I spend on groceries (again never asked the amount). I had a second run in with him 2 weeks later. He tried to tell me that I gained 9 lbs. which is not true. I had just weighed my self the morning before. He weighed me at 2.30pm. Said it was water weight. 9 lbs?? He told me his scale was right because it cost $4000. Then asked if I would be willing for him to show me interval training to which I said I already know how to do. He assured me I was doing it wrong. Again never asked to show him or explain it to him. Just assumes Im stupid. So I played his little game. I've never been on a treadmill and he had me going at 7 miles per hour. Not fast to some but to someone just starting out...its fast. He told me I had to start hard right out of the gate or I'd be fat forever. Nice talk when they're there to motivate you. He had tried to get me to buy into his protein drinks. I said I'd look into it. $200 a month. So i passed. He hounded me about that. When I did call to make a complaint, no one was available. Now I go in the mornings when I know he won't be there at all. He has no respect for women who take care of their kids. Basically told me that I should come first and my kids shouldn't. And in the midst of all this I was sick. He said it was just a cold. Apparently he's a doctor. It wasn't; because my doctor was and is in the process of testing for cancerous cells.

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      Dec 07, 2011

    When I first joined the gym I was 19 years old.
    Working VERY part time and more than half my paychecks were going into savings for school, so after paying my bi-weekly fee I was lucky if I had $30.00 left to my name.
    I had my personal assessment and I remember her saying for 10 months it would be $5040.00, but to make it sound cheaper she said "Fifty-Fourty". And then she said "Or we can do monthly payments making it five-ten." Uhhh I know that means five hundred and ten dollars and that was definitely not in my budget. I very politely told her that even though it all sounded great that I just simply could not afford it. As it was just me paying for my membership and I only work part time. And she said "Well what about your parents?" I embarrassingly told her that my dad didn't have a job at the moment so money was really tight. Without blinking she looked at me and said "Well what about your mom?" Hi, pretty sure my mom is trying to afford to put food on the table and make sure we have electricity.
    It just baffled me how insensitive she was. She told me how I would never reach my goals of weightloss without her and I will end up just being too disappointed to even go to the gym. I would just like to point out that before I even joined the gym I lost 30lbs ON MY OWN. I am now 21 years old and I have lost an addition 15lbs and I have come so much farther on my own than I ever imagined.

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