GoodLife Fitnesstreatment of a disabled client

I am a 40 year old male with diabetes and chronic kidney disease I also have an open wound on my foot caused by a diabetic ulcer. I currently have a disability parking permit and a personal trainer from the goodlife fitness on Hespeler road in Cambridge decided it appropriate to question me on my parking choice in the disability parking space. I showed him my parking permit and instead of just leaving and apologizing he decided to question me why I have the permit and request details of my ailment ...none of his business also none of his business to approach me in my vehicle, this location is in a strip mall and I could have been a patron of any one of the storefronts in that mall. My permit was clearly displayed and he could have checked at anytime without even approaching me. Not to mention that my disability is something I don't really like explaining to people as it is a bit embarrassing for me. There are plenty of classy ways to deal with this he chose none. Furthermore it is not a designated space for goodlife fitness which makes it none of Goodlifes business what my disabilities are.

May 02, 2017

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