Gold's Gymunprofessional staff behaviour

Dear Team,

I have enjoyed membership of Golds Gym for around 15months or so now. Been an elite person, I opted for Golds only because of its High standards and goodwill in the market. And for the same reason, I recommended it to many near ones.
However, I would like to draw your attention to several negative features that have crept into Spinning Class over a period of time.
Firstly, the Spinning class was held in morning as well as in evening. However due to unprofessional behaviour of trainer, he use to cancel morning batches multiple times without even informing us. The situation was very obnoxious for many members since we manage our gym and office routine accordingly. Additionally the trainer is very haughty in nature, due to which many members have complained against him. Some of them don't even turn up for Spinning class stating they don't like trainers behaviour towards them as he hardly teaches anything and doesn't even pay attention.
Due to such boor behaviour of trainer, I guess he had even resigned and was serving his notice period.

We were waiting for new trainer to come as Spinning classes were not conducted for some weeks. However, to our obnoxiousness, he was retained due to non-availability of any other trainer and started only with one batch in evening. The class is conducted in 8-9pm and that batch has few members who are with the trainer since 2-3years. Due to the high duration, the trainer have maintained very good repo with those members and have appease settlement with them. He doesn't like if any new member enters his so called friend-elite group batch ( 8-9pm) and so doesn't allow any member to do spinning stating that he/she is novice and exacerbate it.

Since a week I am doing Spinning in evening batch. The trainer stated I shan't be doing it as I don't know the variations and just do push-ups.

My question is -

I was doing spinning from last 6months in morning batch, why did he allow me to go ahead all this while ??
Even if a agree on his statement that I don't know variations, isn't it his job to teach me rather than stopping me to do so.
If according to him, we don't even know basics, What did he teach in last 6months to morning batch people ?
Is the Trainer efficient enough if he can't train members in 6months?
Just because of his unilateral decision, he has rights to insult any member in front of entire class?
And Golds gym will not take any actions just because few members wants the same trainer.

Branch - Mahavir Nagar - Kandivali West - Mumbai

Jun 01, 2018

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