Gold's Gym / unethical behaviour

Augusta, GA, United States
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I received a call from Byron in November 2016 about a free personal training section. I went to see him November 21, he suggested I need a trainer. I told him that I do work a lot and don't think I can come in regularly, he stated that was fine because I can drop it at any time. He did not go over any of the paper work just for me to sign( my big mistake, should have know it was something wrong about it because he was rushed with the process). He said a meal plan came with it but I did not received one to this day. Well I meet with my personal trainer, Omar, He is very nice. He told me the number of training sessions in the computer showed I did more than what we did together and that he can not correct it his manager, Keith, will have to do it. Well on 1/16/17 Omar and I went to Keith office and Omar told Keith the number of sessions was wrong. Keith stated " I do not have time to correct it now, so I will call you" and walk out office. I did not received a call. I called Keith about this same problem on 1/11/17, he said he will look into it, also told him I did not get a meal plan and he said he will work on it also. Did not get a call or meal plan again. Called Keith again on 1/17/17 to let him know I have not heard from him he told me to text him my name so he can look into it, so I text my name to him. Still not results, so on 1/25/17 I text Keith again, no reply no call back. I am paying monthly for this service and this type service is very unpleasant.

Jan 26, 2017

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